1ww, anyone else

I am due af on monday, so not that long to go anymore. But I kow it won't come on monday but is probably more likely to come somewhere next week. Since november last year I can not count on my periods anymore. (before they where always 28 days and where in 13 years only twice late of which one was a pregnancy) So I don't want to test till end of april beginning of may, but don't think I can wait that long. It would be better for me if I wasn't cause of the anti D's and such, but I am still hoping for a sticky bfp.

Any of you are at the same sort of cd? Anyone wants to keep my mind of testing and help me not test till next weekend?


  • I'm due AF next week too but I'm terrible for early testing - 9dpo and did one today image
  • Well I was hoping to much. Am on cd26 and I think af has arrived. Not in full flow yet, but that will come. It has never been this early, but I rather have it this early than the 32 or 33 days it has been lately) Could explain the fight we had 14 days ago, could have been my hormones during ov. Although temp was only rising a few days after.

    Feel rubbish at the moment, but not very down. Another month another try. It was the last month to get pregnant before my edd of the first mmc. (14th of may) Just wish I was pregnant already. Last night I looked in the window and could swear I had a pregnant woman belly. It was all hard and lovely and looked like a bump of a 5 month pregnancy. To bad it is just fat. :S
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