Working away from hubby makes me do silly things...

like poas!! I'm 10dpo and last night I was sat in my room (I work away from hubby and on shift at the moment) with a FR pregnancy test just staring at me so before I went to bed I couldn't help myself and did it. Now I had to really look at it but there is the faintest of faint lines on it, i've looked at it directly under the light and it's definatly there although if you just glanced at it you wouldn't see it. I really don't want to get excited yet as we only bd'd once when it counted because of my stupid shifts but i'm sat in work now and thats all I can think of. I haven't told hubby yet as I don't want to get him excited and it's definately not the thing to do over the phone.

How faint do you think is too faint? As I said i'm not getting my hopes up too much yet so i'm going to wait and test again tomorrow night and then hopefully when I get home on Weds afternoon i'll have some good news for him. I'm shaking with nerves even now!! Fingers crossed we may have just actually gone and done it!!xx


  • I hope so hun,!
    Is it too faint to post a pic?
  • It is too faint for a pic, plus i'm on a work computer that doesn't allow us to put anything external on it. I'd probably be laughed out of the forum if I put one up as it's so faint, it probably won't show on a pic! Thats why i'm not getting excited just yet (but kind of am at the same time!) but as I would've been 9dpo if it was a positive then it would be very faint as early days yet.

    I can't wait until Sep when i'm getting posted back with my hubby and then I wouldn't have too much time to think!!! There's no way I would've tested this early if I was at home!!xx
  • Well it's promising hun, and because it's early that would explain how faint it is. Tbh i've never had an evap/ indentation line on FR literally just BFN so imo it sounds very promising image

    Could you go and buy some cheapies ie. Asda and test with fmu tomorrow?

    I know what you mean though, OH worked away when i AF was due last cycle and i went poas mad! I just wouldn't have done it if he was here!
  • hi....kwn any news i still haven't tested cycle day 38 now
  • I've had a definate line on a FR yesterday but i'm still working away and scared to think it's real!! I'm on nights at the moment and drive home tomorrow and going to test with my hubby there. I'm so nervous even though i'm almost certain it's a bfp! Still not wanting to announce yet though until my hubby knows!!

    TTCAM, when are you going to test then? It's looking good for you, cd38!!!! Get a test done!!xx
  • Awwww well i'm gonna whisper congratulations! image
  • How exciting!!! Won't say the C word just yet but finger crossed for you and will look forward to hearing some good news!!

    Loadsa luck - hope this is your BFP!!

    Good luck too TTCAM xxx
  • Thank you Lady, i'll definately let you all know tomorrow for definate xx
  • ooooh!!! how exciting!
    So hope it is!!! Good luck ! Hx
  • hi hun, I caved in too and after vomitting(retching) at 2.43am I took a FR with my 2nd urine of the day.. and there is a very very faint line. I kept my test from monday and when I compare the two I can see a difference. even when I was 5 weeks pregnant the line on FR was faint that I went to family planning and got them to double check for me. LOL..

    the more I look at it, the more mad I think I am but there is something there and im only on 10dpo.

    going to wait until next week and test again.

    I will pray for us both that the witch does not come..

    loads of baby dust and sticky sauce

  • H2TA thats amazing!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! My line was so so faint and I got that on 9po and it's been getting stronger so it's looking like your wish has come true! I'm waiting for hubby to come home from work and then i'll test again, i'm due on today and no sign of it but very sore boobs.

    I've said to him to make sure he comes home on time as i'm not going to the loo before then! I'm going to be hopping by the time he gets home at 5!

    Good luck to you, I just know this is your month xxx
  • Just wanted to say Good luck!!!

  • come come on, i'm waiting.... lol, fingers crossed! x
  • Oh my goodness only just reading this now.
    A LINE IS A LINE!!!!

    I see I have to congratulate 2 of you image

    This is my line last time at 9DPO

    Are they like this?
  • Hey ladies, a line is definately a line!!!! I'm pregnant! Oh my god xx
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