How long till AF after MC?


Was owndering if anyone can offer me words of wisdom? I had a mmc a month ago at 11 weeks and am now waiting for AF or BFP but no signs of either.

How long do you have to wait until AF arrived after MC? I just don't know where my cycle is and am waiting desperately everyday to see if I AF has arrived or I get BFP so I know where I am. Before MC I was 31 day cycle - I hate the waiting. Its worse than the regular 2ww cos I don't know if I have ovulated yet all all or if I have ages left for the witch to arrive.....

Can anyone offer any experience or is it just a case of keep waiting to see - and how long could this be for?


  • Hiya hun - I asked this question myself not so long ago - if you click on 'My other topics' under my pics you will see the post and there were about 8-9 answers which can give you a guide.
    Following the post I actually waited 31 days after ERPC till I had my Af.
    Hope this helps
    Sue x
  • Thanks Sparkles - have taken a look at your responses and they are very useful.

    Does AF returning differ if you MC naturally compared to ERPC? The last month has gone by so slowly knowing we were not pregnant any more and it is going by even slower now I am waiting for anything to happen.........never been a patient person and waiting on mother nature is not easy when I want to get back to ttc.
  • Hi there....I mc on 5th july and dont have a clue either. Everyone seems to be different. I know the waiting and not knowing what your body is up to is so frustrating. Im not much help unfortunately, but just wanted to say your not alone. Good luck and hope something happens very soon xxxx
  • Thanks Sparkles - I have taken a look at the responses and very useful.

    Do you know/does anyone know if there is any difference between getting first AF is you MC naturally compared to ERPC? The waiting is driving me in sane - its worse than the usual 2ww......just want to get back to ttc and have no idea what to expect or when to expect it.
  • I had a natural MC six weeks ago and I have been waiting for my AF and I have just taking three PG tests and got BFP on all so I am now pregnant again with out a AF in between.

    I hated being in limbo not knowing if AF was coming or if I was Pg again but finally I have answer.

    Good luck

    Gem xx
  • Thanks tashelby - it's good to know that I am not alone. BE has got me through the last month knowing all you ladies are here. I hope something happens with you soon too. xx
  • Thanks Gem - will try and keep positive as I could be lucky straight away like you. Trying the PMA approach but doesn't always work.
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  • Hiya diamond - I think for those who have a natural miscarraige is can be slightly longer- docs suggest 6-8 weeks. This was one of the reasons why I opted for the ERPC when I had my missed miscarriage. However everyone is different and depends how high your pregnancy hormones were and how long they take to go away I think x

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  • hi there

    i had a natural miscarriage on the 12th july and have just come on today, so 29 days later, my normal is about 28 days so i was quite pleased to see it as didnt know how long it would take. I think everyone is so different and hopefully you will get af or bfp very soon x
  • Hi Diamond,

    I think with ERPC your AF may come around more rapidly as in theory if its done properly all the remains are removed in one go and the hormones should fall more quickly - whereas with a natural one, this process can take longer. I am not certain but I understood that the body needed to realise it was no longer pregnant before the honrmones would initiate the next AF......hence the variation in people. I hope this helps. Do look after yourself.

    Apple x
  • HI Diamond, my first mc happened naturally and it took about 5-6 weeks for AF.
    Second was a mmc and AF arrived 28 days later - she has just finished (I hope) so getting ready to start and BD again!
    good luck to you, I think everyone is different in the length of time it can take but you will get there
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