FAO Rocky

Hi ya Chick,

just read your reply on my post about work!!

Thank hun.

How are you these days?? Saw that GP is referring you which is great news.

Feel free to post on the catch up post you saw in pg after mc lovely it's so hard to find you these days as I know your not on as much these days, that goes for MP too, want to know how you both are.

Big hugs xxxx


  • hey hunni!

    yeah she has done which is great although to a gynae and not fertility so thats confused me a bit...

    i'm ok thanks, feel really chilled although of course i do really want it but it's not as stressful, i thought i would this month as i've def ov'd (first time since feb!) but not yet! lol, though i'm only about 4dpo so that could all change!

    Tbh as it's such nice weather i've been enjoying the evenings outside and my new job is always busy so don't get the time!

    Glad you and bump are well! xx
  • Umm you may see a fertility cons though, at our local hospital it all comes under gynae but then they have different nurses in that dept for fertility, general gynae & mc etc.

    Glad that your feeling chilled out & enjoying the weather.

    4dpo that could all change hun esp as you are ov now & your feeling a little less stressed out.

    Fingers crossed huni, still got that seat waiting for you! xxx
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