af 3 days early??

hey all, just a bit confused,
i have no idea exatley when i ovulated this month but my cycles are always 30 days long which means my af is due on wednesday.

this afternoon i have had some brown cm which i only usually get the day my period is due and the af begins right away.

so now i dont understand why i am getting this today?

i could be pregnant but it is a very very small chance as we did not ttc this month and only bedded when we thought it was safe to(ok stupid of us i no but save me the lectures!!lol) and anyway if i was i wouldnt have had brown dischage i dont think.

the only reason we didnt ttc is i have to go for my blood results for mc's on 24th of august.

sorry if tmi ppl!!

***sending you all lots of babydust***


  • How confusing for you!!

    It could be an implant bleed? or it could be an irregular cycle?

    Last month (2nd cycle ttc after mmc), was a 24 day cycle for me, I've never had one that short in my life and really confused me, I started spotting and was convinced it was IB and I was pg! Think it was just body settling down after mmc.

    Could be something similar for you? after all your tests and everything your body could just be adjusting? AF could be early so you can start ttc this month?

    Or it could be and IB and you're pg?!!!

    Hope you get the result you want! Loads of luck and babydust! xx
  • it would be sods law if i was pregnant as we didnt ttc this month!! i will just wait it out and see. cant ttc next month incase i need any treatment due to my results. hoping all is ok as if it wasnt surely they would have called me in early??

    would like to do a test but cant afford any today which is prob a good thing.

    will keep you updated xxx
  • Hey Sally
    Unfortunately I think its AF. This cycle came for me after only 25 days, like you pre ERPC my cycles were always between 28 and 30..
    Its a pain isn't it

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