8 Boys and wanting a Girl

Anybody else watching and screaming at the tv!!

The stuipd woman with the twin girls "it's like a couple who can't have children! No it's not you stupid woman as you HAVE FOUR HEALTHY BOYS!!!

I don't know why i'm still watching it! x x


  • OMG im gona watch it on CH4+1 & then will join in the abuse after LOL!

    Is that what she said, I know that after watching it tomo I will be commenting on CH4 web about the pragramme in the hope that the people appearing might see it!!! Sad I know!! xx
  • Yes me!

    Madness, they should feel blessed to have such beautiful children not depressed.


  • Sorry MP didn't see your thread before starting mine.

    I was interseting from the medical fertility science side of things. It was the reactions of the women that made me so bloody mad!
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