Not A Great Day :\(

Hi Ladies

I haven't been on here for a while as needed a little break.

Had my ERPC about 8 weeks ago, got my first AF four weeks after and am currently waiting for my second AF - due this weekend. Tested on Wed - not that I had any syptoms really, that was 11 dpo and it was negative, I have no feelings of AF coming either, so might test again tomorrow and see what happens, although I am not holding out much hope to be honest. Has anyone had one normal period, ie a normal cycle, then the next period has been longer coming???

Am also a bit down as someone I know, chap at work's partner, had a baby today, a little girl. Was really happy for them, but have come home and had a good ol cry too. I would have been 20 weeks today. On the whole I'm doing ok, but I'm still up and down, I so much wanna be a mummy.... am wondering if it will ever happen?? :cry:

Zxx - thanks for listening.


  • hi hope your feeling a little better now chick, i also had a mc in march luckily for me it was complete so i did not need the op, (I say luckily because I was terrified of being put to sleep!!) my first cycle was 28 days after but my second was 32 days after that one so mine was a little longer too that time, i also took a test but didnt have any symptoms and although i was glad when i did come on it was upsetting because it was like a reminder??
    At the moment i'm struggling too all 3 sis are pregnant and even though im really pleased for them i'm gutted because I was the first to get pregnant now i'm the only one not!!!!
    So I know how your feeling sometimes its good to have a good cry and let it out and even having a rant helps, how is your oh dealing with it? mine does not know what to say to me to make me feel better, like you I handled it well but have my off days too,
    Havent got any advice for you really just wanted to say your not alone and hopefully we will feel better in time although i dont think we will ever forget we will just learn to live with it.

    take care xx
  • Hi Zoe i'm sorry your feeling crap. I understand how your feeling, its been 2wks tomorrow since my ERPC. I am a bit better. Have you started trying again yet, we've started already. i just wanna get pregnant asap, i would have been 12wks next week.
    How long did it take for you to get pregnant last time?
    take care huni and hope your OH is looking after you xxx
  • Hi sweetie,

    After my first mc, I had a more or less regular cycle, then on the next cycle I didn't ov until CD24 so that was a longer cycle but got my BFP on that one (as you know that one wasn't sticky either).

    I rea;;y don't mean to sound patronising but you know that 11DPO really is too early to get a BFP - even with the most sensitive of tests, so you just never know.

    Having those around you fall pg and have a baby is one of the most hardest things we have to deal with after a mc, and coupled with a milestone like 20 weeks I'm not suprised you're not feeling so great, but I PROMISE you, things do start to get easier. You'll never 'get over' your mc but the feelings become easier to manage if you know what I mean?

    You will be a mummy my lovely, and soon too I'm sure.

    Lots of hugs

  • Hi hun,

    I know how you feel. My fb is full of people who are announcing the birth of their babies and I had to have a little cry yesterday too :cry:

    It feels like there are babies everywhere I go! My sister in law is due to drop anyday but no one seems to remember my little one and it was only last week we lost it image

    Its such a horrible lonely thing to go through and I hope your doing better hun! I have up and down days too, sometimes I have both in the same day! I'm very emotionally unstable at the minute lol!

    I hope you get your sticky bfp soon hun
  • Hey Z just emailed you. Fingers crossed for sun xxx
  • Oh hun,
    it seems so unfair that you are in this awful situation but i know you will be a mummy one day....well actually you already are a mummy your the best a poem called 'What makes a mother' if you havent already you will cry but realise that it is true all of us on here are mothers whether we have babies already or not! Hang in there you went through a horrendous period of uncertainty and to me that was worse than my shock as you were constantly filled with hope...i really hope you have a better day you dont deserve to be sad and the best thing is you had the courage and strength to admit your having a shit day....good on you Z lots of love and all the baby dust i can spare image xxxx
  • Thanks for all your comments. The witch got me today, really heavy too. So... here's to next month. Zxx

  • Hi Z, sorry to hear the witch got you. Not really sure what to say to help as I know nothing people say can make things better. Try to stay busy for the next two weeks, till you can start b'ding and do all the things you wont be able to do once you get your BFP. Take care of yourslef and try to stay positive. Sending you lorry loads of baby dust. Hope you are feeling better soon. A x x
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