hey girls

just popped back in to see what is happening with everyone, some good news, some bad news and some more lovely ladies have joined.

I am onto month 2 of TTC again after MC in Jan and just about to start my 2ww....trying to not think about it at all this time but praying it happens for us. it does get easier but you dont stop thinking about the, I would have been.... and where is my bump....

I have been watching one born every minute and had a little cry at some of them and wishing it was me still.

how is everyone else doing?


  • Hiya hun,

    Good to see you on here image

    I am also an avid fan of one born every minute and cry every time a new bubba is born!

    I am on month 2 since mc too, AF came last week and it was a bit of a blow image.

    Trying to stay positive though,
    Love MrsH xxx
  • haha yes but then think to myself how much pain they look like they are in! mm scary stuff but looking forward now.
    babydust to you x
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