All clear from the doctors

As you may know i was sent for multiple blood tests after mc 12 weeks ago and still no sign of af. Well today they have all come back normal which is great news dont get me wrong however i just feel like i am in limbo now as i dont think i am ovulating and have no reason as to why af has not shown up. Definitely not pregnant as bloods have shown this so i am out for this month and feel as though time is just passing me by. The doctor has told me now to wait another month to see if af will come and if not then they will look into trying to bring it on. Just feel sad that i cant even ttc !!!!!!!:cry::cry::cry:


  • Hi hun, did you have a D&C or natural mc?
    mine took 8 weeks to come back.
    Hope it turns up soon.
    Hugs xxx
  • It was a natural mc. Just really down at the mo. Feels like im wishing my life away!! Just have to be patient i guess but its driving me mad. Thanks for the hugs xx
  • That you had a natural mc means that you shouldn't have any scarring, which can cause AF to be absent! That's good. if you don't think you're ovulating maybe that's why AF hasn't shown up yet.
    I know that some of the girls on here have been on norethisterone (I think) which is a progesterone tablet that they take for a week and then have a period to regulate their cycles. Maybe that would be the next step for you.
    Hope it all goes ok and AF turns up! I know it's frustrating.
    Hugs xxx
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