hello ladies

I just thought id introduce myself..
i had an ectopic pregnancy in september after ttc for over a year..i was treated with methotrexate and am able to ttc again i would be greatful for any advice from girls in the same situation as i am so afraid but so want this to happen xx


  • Hi *waves* just wanted to say welcome to BE (it's Huni from YAYW by the way)

    The girls on here are lovely so they will be happy to give you advice. Really hope you get your BFP soon hun xx
  • thanx huni you have been so kind these past few days ..ive just read a few peoples posts and its reassuring to know im not the only person going threw this xx
  • Hi there

    Really sorry to hear about your ectopic. The lady to talk to is Mafia Princess - she had an ectopic and is about to start ttc again too. I think she was treated with methotrexate as well.

    But then we are all lovely here. I had a mmc at the end of September which turned out to be a partial molar pregnancy. I don't know where I would have been without the support of the girls on here, they are super.

    Check out our regular ttc thread (this month called Jingle Bells Jingle Bells). It's a nice place to chat and share our ttc journeys.

    Good luck for 2010.
  • thanx for ur reply sara im amazed how nice everyone sems to be on the forum its great to have the chance to speak to people who understand what i am going threw xxx
  • just wanted to say "hi" ! No advise on the ectopic i'm afraid, i had a mmc discovered at 12 weeks so v diff! xxx
  • hello nice to virtually 'meet' you. no ectopic advice as my MC passed naturally, but like someone else said, sounds like MP's experience was v similar to yours, I'm sure she'll pop up soon.
  • Hello Mrsossy46,
    Sorry to hear what you've been through.
    I had a mmc at 12 wks, so can't offer any advice on eptopic, but wishing you lots of luck when you start ttc.
    Hoping 2010 is the Year of the bump!
    nettie x
  • thanks ladies for popping in so very nice to speak to u xx
  • hello mrsossy,
    no advice on an ectopic i had a mc at 8+4 which turned out to be a partial molar preg. but do agree with the others mafia is the one to talk to i think. good luck on the new year as to everyone!! *hugs* nice to meet you also to bad it has to be for this reason image everyone in here is WONDERFUL dont know what i wouldve done without them!! (thank you GEMs for bringing me here!!)
  • no probs kari image
  • thanx ill def get a wee chat with her xx
  • Hi Mrs Rossty, sorry it's taken ages to respond to this, been visiting my parents who have a v dodgy internet connection!

    I too had an ectopic pregnancy by my left ovary in September. Had 2 doses of methotrexate at the start of October, which made me feel terrible for about 6 weeks after.

    January is our 1st month of ttc and i'm excited yet terrified at the same time. We are trying for our 1st baby and it was the 1st experience of pregnancy I had, I am really scared of it happening again as it was the worst experience of my life.

    I just keep thinking i'll be scanned at 6 weeks and they'll be keeping a close eye on me.

    How are you doing? I'm guessing if you're ttc again you must have w must have had our ectopics around the same time?

    Did you feel like you lived at your local hospital too? I'm dreading having to go back to get scanned x x x
  • yes mafia everything is exactly the same as u how weird is that,..
    i bled on sat the 5th sept and was told it was a misscarriage..i then collapsed and was admitted to hosp on the tuesday nite and was kept in for a week ..it was only then i was told it was ectopic as they told me it was just early preg complications..so needless to say my head was all over the place..it was r 1st pregnancy and we had been trying for over a year...so lets hope 2010 is a better year for all us ladies in here xx
  • I was told i'd had an early miscarriage too. Admitted to hospital after 1st mx jab as side effects were so bad.

    I really am hopeful for new year and am trying to be positive (easier said than done!) Have you been on the ectopic trust website? It's brilliant and there are nurses who reply to forum posts.

    I have spoke to my gp and she said that in 15 years she's only ever seen a handful of women who have 2 ectopics and that's what a nurse in EPU of another lady on here (who got bfp in right place after ectopic) said too. I'm hangng on to that thought! x x
  • no ive never heard that ..thats brightned up my nite .. thats my main worry it happening again.i dont think i could cope ..ive never wanted something so much in my life xx
  • I know exactly how you feel. I desperately want my baby but I don't know how I would cope if it happened again.

    The more people I have told the more positive stories I hear. I went to a wedding a week ago and a woman told me she'd had an ectopic pregnancy and then pointed to her 2 children running around.

    One of my boss' wife also had an ectopic and went on to have her 3 children.

    I find these experiences so positive and they really lift my spirits too. My hubby has a different surgery and went to see her over stress and explained what had happened and she said the exact same thing, that in her experience a repeat ectopic is very uncommon.

    We'll get there, it will be scary but it will so be worth it. Do you know when you are due to ovulate? x x x
  • were gong to try smep and day 8 is friday so the new year will start with a bang quiet literally lol xx
  • Good for you! I don't have the stamina for SMEP so have my cbfm at the ready! I ov v late but due to iv weekend of 16th Jan so no plans for that weekend that involve leaving our house!x
  • lol..i would like to get a cbfm but are they not really expensive ??/
  • I got mine from amazon for ??50 which is half price. I think you can get from e bay too. I was very reluctant to buy because of the price but I have to say that it is the best money I have spent.

    Takes out all the stress of whether you've bd'd enough and on right days, it really is brilliant. I got 2nd month of ttc and got bfp (ectopic) but found out I ov really late, much latet than ov calculaters say so i would have always missed ov if I hadn't got it x x
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