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Just wanted to say good luck for your gynae appointment tomorrow. I really hope that it goes OK and you get some answers.
Let us know what they say.
Take care
Mary xxx


  • Thank you so much for that, really appreciate it. Not sure if you read the update on your other post, I passed something on Saturday, not a blood clot, something different, like tissue or muscle (it looked like a little brain!!!!!!) Since then I have gone completly back to normal, not a single drop of blood or spotting and my CM has gone back to being clear instead of brown or pink....... I really think I had a blockage or something and now that it has passed everything seems to have sorted itself out. However I have had 6 days of smiley faces on my CB OV tests, today I got a negative!!!!!!

    Will tell my Gnye all and see what they think. I feel really positive, I really feel like after my next AF we will be able to relly go for it, knowing that all is well.

    How are you doing? Have you had any answers yet?
  • Yes I did see your update. It sounds really weird! I think that would have freaked me out rather a lot!
    Hope your appointment goes well.
    No answers for me yet. I had a faint positive on a hpt on saturday morning, then af arrived on saturday evening, so think i had a chemical pregnancy. AF was still really light, and I'm so scared that it's not going to get any better and I won't be able to have a baby. I have a scan booked for next friday to measure my endometrial thickness and then will be referred to gynae.
    Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I'll keep mine crossed for you too xxx
  • I've go my fingers and toes and anything else I can cross crossed for you. It is so difficult when you want something so much but our time will come we will be on here one day asking each other how to stop our babies cry

    I will post my results later. Today is going to be a good day I'm going to get the all clear from the gyne and I've got a viewing on my house tonight and they are going to buy it!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well went for my Gynae appointment today, they did my smear too as it was overdue. I had a physical examination, which they said looked completly normal. They took some swabs to rule out any infection (which I dont think I have, but they always seem to do this)

    I asked about my AF, about it being so light, she really seemed to think that my body was just taking time to regulate. There were no signs that anything was wrong and she expects my next AF to be somewhere near to normal.

    I have been asked to go back in 3 months to check to see if my AF has returned back to normal, in the meantime she said that she doesn't want to do anything else as we are still TTC, she said there was no reason as to why I woldn't fall PG again.

    I asked about the 6 positive test in a row, and she was not concerned at all, she said not to use them, as they give wired results and just upset people, thinking that something is wrong, so as of this afternoon I am ditching my OV tests.

    I have made a decision that I am going to be positive from today, stop thinking things are wrong with me, no testing, just going to wait for next AF and then just go with, BD when ever we get the chance and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will still be on here as I like to speak to people and see how people are getting on, fingers crossed for everyone and many many many BFPS !!!
  • Hi, I am so pleased that the gynae people seemed to think that everything was OK. I must say I've never used OV tests, I always thought they would probably confuse me too!
    Good luck for TTC. I'll let you know what happens at my scan. Thanks for the crossed fingers and toes, think I need all the luck I can get at the moment!
  • When is your scan? I am just hoping and praying for a normal AF or else I'll be back to square one really. Lots of bedding in the meantime and hopefully no AF will arrive. Still keeping everything crossed for you I really really hope you get good news it would be lovely to go through the TTC together knowing we are back to normal and have every fighting chance!!!!!! GOOD LUCK x :\)
  • It would be lovely wouldn't it!
    Scan is next friday (4th) which should be around the time I ovulate.
    Hope your next AF is normal too - enjoy lots of bding!!!!!
  • I have to say, I have started to enjoy the whole TTC thing again, could not carry on as I was, I was killing myself. Dont get me wrong I am desperate to be pregnant again, but am just so glad to be feeling normal again, I really hope this is a sign that everything is a ok and that I will have a normal cycle, just wont know until Af shows, but no idea when to expect her really, DH goes on a motorbike holiday on the 13th of June, so if nothing by then I may do a sneeky test.

    I have to admitt I have never been through anything so difficult in my life, to have the one thing I want the most taken away from me was just awful, I know it will happen, just dont know when!!!!

    Please keep me updated as to how you get on, I hope everything is fine x
    I my still be in the same boat yet, if AF is not normal!!!!!!!!

    I read the other day of a lady who got her BFD on cd105 and never had an af, so our bodies can do amazing things even when we least expect it....... just really trying to switch off a little, but it is so difficult, enjoying the BD though:lol: Not sure how we will keep up this every other day though, its tirering business this baby making:lol:

    I will be in touch Friday to see how you get on, best of luck, I wount uncross my fingers ad toes till Friday afternoon x
  • CD 105?????? Good lord!!! That must have been a horrible wait! I never knew that was possible but I guess miracles do happen! (That's what I'm basing my hopes on anyway!)
    I know how you feel. Me and OH are just trying to treat bding as fun/loving rather that baby-making. Tiring though!image I think you've got a really good attitude, and I really hope that this cycle is OK for you. I'm actually due AF on 14th june, which is our 2 yr wedding anniversary... Now wouldn't that be a good present! (she dreams...!)
    I know what you mean - having the one thing you wanted most taken away from you. It's the hardest thing I've been through too.
    Thank you again for all your crossed fingers and toes, I really appreciate it.
    Take care xxx
  • Had my scan today. My endometrium mid-cycle is 4mm thick, where it should be 8-15mm. I don't really know what this means, except that we have no chance of getting pregnant image
    Why is life so unfair?!
  • Oh huni I am so sorry for the bad news does this mean forever or just till your body sorts itself out? How has this happened? As you have been pregnant was it ok before your mc? So upset for you:cry:

    how did you know something was wrong? I think I got af again today but it is So light there is hardly anything coming out? I too think I have a problem not had a scan yet though?

    How far gone where you when you mc? I really hope with time your body can fix this. What else did the doc say? I really truly am so sorry it is just the most heart breaking thing in the world.

    Please get back to me x
  • Thanks
    I don't know if this is forever, but there has been no improvement over the last 3 AFs. My GP thinks that they scraped out too much during the D&C and damaged the basal layer so it's not growing back, or that my endometrium just isn't responding to my hormones for some other reason. Periods were fine before the mc, it has definitely happened since.
    I was 9 weeks when I miscarried (or found out anyway), but baby died at 6 weeks. Basically my periods have been really light - maybe 1 day of bleeding (but really not much) and then 2-3 days of spotting (brown) compared to the 6 days of bleeding they used to be.
    I really hope you don't have to deal with this too. Maybe if your AF this time is staying light ask for a scan too?
    I've spent most of the afternoon and evening crying, my eyes are really swollen now!
    Thanks for replying xxx
  • Oh hunni, I really am so sorry x I really can't imagine how you are feeling, the most awful news you could expect to hear. I can't help but feel that I am in a similliar situation. I was on the pill for 10 years so my periods were always bang on but were quite light, I came off and had 2 periods, both were normal, not heavy or light but just as I would expect, then I fell PG and since the MMC nothing has been normal.

    I bleed so heavily after the MMC for weeks and weeks, this stopped with the tablets and since then the bleeding has been so light, I have have two days of brown CM and then yesterday had red blood, sorry for tmi but hardly any is coming out but when I check inside there is quite alot????

    I used tampon last night and it was quite full this morning, so still dont know what to expect, I have never known AF to be so light though, it is all inside me, not coming out like a flow?????

    Going to see how this one goes, but cant help but worry. Does my situation sound similliar to yours?

    Are you going to get any more help or information from the doc? They seem to have just left you in this big void. What happens now?

    Sending you the biggest hug I can, once again sorry for the bad news, but hopefully it wont be forever and with time your body can get back to its working ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry:
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