Question i need answering...

Has anyone had 2 mmc then been 3rd time lucky?
I had my first mmc in june this year and my second mmc in september this year both at around 6/7 weeks.

Really want to ttc again but am scared it will happen again :\?

Thank you xx emma xx


  • hey, i'm not sure about people in here who've had 2mmc then gone on to be third time lucky but there are people who are preg now after mc./mmc/ectopic that have had 2 or more of something (i.e. Danger Mouse - 3rd time, NattyNik-4th time and i know there are more but i can't think! and it's hard remembering what we've all been through...) sorry! xxx
  • My mum had two mmc (found one out at 12 weeks, second at 9 weeks) She does not talk about it, doesn't want to explain, but I know she convinced the doctor to be tested. As far as I know something came out of it and when she got pregnant with my brother she had regular hospital visits, had several injections and needed to give birth in hospital.
    After that she got pretty quickly pregnant with me, and she had no injections, no problems whatsoever and she gave birth to me at home.

    I don't know if you wanted to hear this, seeing it was a long time ago and seeing that she needed tests to find out what was wrong.

    But her sister had also two mmc, probably same reason but was never tested and got pregnant for the third time and managed to carry her daughter full term and went on to having another succesfull pregnancy. She had no tests and no indication what might have been wrong. Again it is a long time ago, but both had two mmc and both ended up with two healthy pregnancy's after that. Hope that gives you a bit more hope.

  • Hi hun

    there are loads on here who have gone on after 1,2,3 or more mc to have succesful pg Rocky has named just a few.
    They usually dont do any tests until you've had 3 but you could always discuss your concerns with your GP & see if they will run some bloods for you.

    good luck xx
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