too soon after erpc

I'm saddened to read everyones experiences. I've had the worst 3 weeks of my life after being so happy when I found out on NYE that I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was on cloud 9. We both were. Then, there was bleeding. Scan showed sac with foetus smaller than it should have been. No heartbeat. I had to wait a week for another scan in case I had the dates wrong (I knew I hadn't, but secretly hoped all week), then went through the scan again. I booked in for an ERPC two days later, but had to be taken in when it all happened on the next night. It was the most horrific thing I've been through. Had the erpc the next morning. That was 8 days ago.
I am so sad. I keep questioning if I have done anything wrong. I wish I hadn't had the swine flu jab, because the thought that that had a part to play has been nagging at me and I feel so guilty.
Apart from being sad, I so want to be pregnant again. I stopped bleeding 2 days ago (5 days after ERPC), and yeasterday I did a pregnancy test which still showed positive. We had sex yesterday, is it too early to start ttc? Have I done something really wrong? I'm not feeling pain or bleeding, so I assume there's no infection and want to continue ttc, but would never forgive myself if I got pregnant and miscarried again because my body isn't ready? Has anyone had positive experience TTC so soon after ERPC? I'm so scared.


  • Hi just wanted to reply. I went through something very similliar in early February. According to doctors and nurses, you shouldn't have sex until the bleeding has stopped to avoid infection, in relation to TTC, most advise to wait till after first AF, but this is for dating purposes only, there is no increased chance of a second MC if you fall PG straight away after your first MC. Dont worry to much about the dating at they will sort that out at the 12 week scan.

    Just like yourself I have been desperate to start TTC again, and probably started too early. I stopped bleeding after 5 days and we started having sex again, I started bleeding again, and now its been 18 days since my op and I am stil spotting. I am going for a scan tomorrow to make sure all is clear and there is no infection.

    I am still getting positive PG tests, my last one one on Friday. I had some bloods taken on Friday night at the hospital so should get my hormone level tomorrow too, hoping it is going to be back to normal.

    I had my op on the 4th of Feb and just feel like I am getting back to normal now. Hopefully AF will be along shortly and then we can really go for it again!!!!!!:lol:
  • hi, thanks for your reply. good luck for tomorrow. I am glad you are finally getting back to normal; it seems like forever when all you want to do is be PG again.It's so difficult waiting. Best of luck with everything and hope you don't wait long before getting pg again image keep us posted !
  • Hi huni,

    Sorry to read about your recent experience, I had an early mc which started on xmas eve and mine was rather complicated in the fact that I bleed on and off for about 6/7 weeks and that they began to suspect it was ectopic as my hormone levels rose instead of fell.

    I have now been discharged from EPU after a million ( or so it feels) visits and blood tests over the past 7/8 weeks. Up until recently I too would have still got a + on a preg test so it is not uncommon that you are experiencing it as well.

    I was desperate for the bleeding to stop as it was an awful hourly/daily reminder. Not sure if I have had my first AF or not (not sure if it was or just more bleeding left from the mc) am hoping I will be able to 'understand' my body again soon.

    I too felt very, very sad, I want you to know that you did NOTHING wrong hun so please don't blame yourself.

    I am sorry that I can't offer help/advice regarding the ERPC as I didn't have one but I wanted to respond so that you know you are not alone, we are always here to listen/offer hugs so please use us!

    Lots of love, MrsH xxx
  • Hi please dont feel that you did anything wrong because you didnt. I had a MMC which I found out about at my 12 week scan, my baby had died at 9 weeks. I then had an ERPC two days later which was the 13 Feb. I was bleeding heavily and had thought it had stopped but it is still going a little bit now, very light though. I have read up loads about miscarriages and the majority is because there was something seriously wrong with the development of the baby and is nothing to do with what we did or didn't do. Please dont blame yourself!!

    I want to start trying straight away but am a little scared it may be too soon, I dont want to go through the same thing again. However from everything Ive read (which is ALOT!!!) It seems that there is nothing to stop you trying as soon as the bleeding stops. I would wait until you get a negative pregnancy test though as that will show that all the hormones have gone from out of your body. I havn't done a test yet as I m waiting until I have completely stopped bleeding but seeing that you have I should imagine that you will get a negative really soon. Then I dont think there is anything to stop you ttc.

    I think if you check through the threads some have conceived striaght after. There is a 'pregnancy after miscarriage' forum here that maybe you should go to, you might find someone there who has fallen pregnant straight after.

    Take care

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