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Getting fustrated - updated af has arrived

It's been 5 weeks today since i mced and roughly 3 weeks since i stopped bleeding. Took a pg test today and it was a bfn (i took it as i have some heavy lifting to do next week at work and didn't want to be lifting if i knew i was pg)

I haven't got a clue when i may have oved so not sure whether it would have been after i stopped bleeding, if so does that mean that it would be too early to test?

Or would i have maybe oved so many days after mc?

What do you reckon or has anyone had any experience in this?

Last time i mc was 14 years ago and i really don't remember when af arrived after mc etc etc.

Just fustrated as i want to know whether i'm either pg again or if af is going to arrive!! :\(

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  • Hi not sure I can help but didn't want to read and run. I know I ovulated 2w after my op as had all the signs including CM, so 2 weeks after that I got my first AF, so looks like my cycles hopefully returning to normal, every 28 days or so. Fingers crossed you get that BFP soon. Zxx
  • Hey hun,

    From what my midwife told me today you can OV anytime after 7 days of MC. As I have had a BFP and not had AF, they have added 7 days onto the start of my MC so from the calculation's I am 5 wks.

    I also have no idea when I OVed and I never really knew before. I tested Yesterday which was 5wk and 6 days after MC so you may have tested too early.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • AF has arrived this evening.

    Although i'm a little gutted that i haven't caught i am also quite glad that i can now track when i should be oving again rather than guess work.
  • Glad she has shown up but am sad it's not been your month hun,
    hugs xxxx
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