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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • hi ladies,

    congratulations to the ladies with BFP!! fab news!!

    hope Ill be joining you soon.

    Im on CD17 and we are Bd as much as we can. not had another little bleed since CD 11 - so hopefully that was an ovualtion bleed or something?

    I have stupidly done a test - what is wrong with me!!! - and surprise surprise it was a BFN. even hubbie (who knows hardley anything about ttc other than we have to bd!) said it was a bit too soon to do a test!!

    well we're going to keep bd dancing as much as possible, and then Ill test on CD 28


    good luck ladies and lots of baby dust

    x x x

  • on cd30 now. I did a FR test this morning and my eyes are cheating me and I saw just a shadow of a line in the right line. So faint I could not even see color, so I assume it is just where a line is supposed to be but isn't. Gonna wait till thursday now which will be cd33 and 14dpo and see than. Hopefully i can hold till than.
  • Fingers crossed, hope that line is stronger in a few days...... bring on the BFP!!!!!!!!
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