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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • Hi ladies, how are we all?

    Ooh Rocky, don;t you just love it when you have to start POAS image I think I may have an obsession with it :lol:

    Seraphina, we have the same testing date, fingers crossed we move over together again!

    1DPO today and already I'm getting carried away with myself - not ss but dreaming about what O'm going to buy, how I'm going to decorate the nursert etc etc, hopefully planning my new house is going to take my mind off things but I doubt it!

  • Hi ladies

    Will add you on Seraphina, Rocky I have extra sticks if you want me to send you any, I know your supposed to use from same pack but does it really matter?? Hey Rainbow 1 DPO good luck hun, sounds fun sorting out new home xxx
  • Morning all, i agree rainbow, i think it just makes me feel pro active and like i'm actually doing something!!! oohhh new house! how exciting!

    Aw laujai thats such a lovely offer, thanks! i did chcek last night and i have a whole box stashed and a couple from last time, i never use worry about the same box thing! as long as they are wrapped and have about the same expiry date i dont think it matters... maybe if the expiry date was about 8 months diff it might, but i tend to buy 2 boxes at once - saves on postage!!!! are you feeling about more positive now? xxx
  • Im the same Rocky dont really worry about the box thing!!!

    Yea im feeling ok thanks, we talked last night though & oh isnt keen on me being pg when we fly!! I know there is no reason why you cant fly in early pg & lots of women do it but for us I flew not knowing I was pg with our 1st mmc & the other mmc we lost after we flew home (I was measuring up to the date we flew home) last year so he's a bit weary & worried which is fair enough.

    I said can we carry on trying this month at least as by the time we go i'll be 12wks & then if we dont do it this cycle then we'll wait till we get home from Florida!! So thats the new plan.

    How are you? xx
  • Well I have to join you guys here. AF showed up 5 days late. image Test date will be 21 of february. I will be quite busy this week, we got some plans for coming weekend and than we will start ttc again. I am feeling so lonely and seperated at the moment. My oh is working long days and I just don't see many people. Most of my friends I left behind when moving to England and most of the friends here have a job and are single or are in a relationship but going out every weekend.

    My oh sometimes goes out, and he wants to give me oppertunity's to go out, but I do not want to. On the other hand I do miss it, but don't feel ready for it yet. (not on my own anyway)
  • Sorry she messed you around like that!!!

    Will add you onto the list hun, lots of luck for this cycle. xxx
  • hi ladies,

    gosh there's so much to catch up on - hope you're all okay.

    not been able to get on at the weekend.

    well got some good news from me - ive finally stopped bleeding (for def now)!!! yeah !!! so will be ttc soon. not sure if to wait for first AF, but ive been waiting so long to finally stop bleeding (TMI! sorry...been 8 weeks!) that I not sure we can wait any longer. so we keep having "accidents"!!!! instead.

    we've also got a house to move to so end of feb we will be moving into a lovely 3 bed semi - its a perfect family home and Ive already planned what the nursery will be like!! Positive thinking!!!

    Laujai - I kow what you mean about the flying thing. Im not sure if we're going to book a holiday this year...I feel a bit nervous about flying, eventhough they say its safe.

    When Im pregnant (when not if!) Im literally going to be going to work and sitting at my desk and then when im home im going to be lying in bed -

    Good luck everyone

    lots of babydust

    x x x

  • Hey PB

    Sorry for delay in replying.

    That's great that you can get started soon, if you've had accidents then may as well carry on having accidents LOL!!

    Great about the house too hun that is fantastic news, ohh so what you got planned for the nursery then??

    Same here gona be taking it completley easy when we conceive at our last erpc a nurse said she just went on bed rest after a few mc & didnt lift a finger I plan to do pretty much the same or as best I can!!

    I figured if were pg this cycle then i'll be just 12wks when we go but otherwise probably best to wait & it will only be 1 cycle of being careful.
  • hey all! had a manic few days, so just catching up quickly, will catch up properly tomorrow!

    Laujai - i can see why he'd want to do that, i would be worried too, a friends friend wanted to book a hol after she found out she was pg and her gp advised her to wait for her 12 wk scan first, seems flying in the 2nd trimester is safest. When is it you're off to Florida again?... are u still on highs?

    Breighlin i;m sorry she got you, and late as well, what a cow!!!! at least your oh would be willing for you to go out etc what with ur lil boy, but u have to do what feels right and when u feel ready.

    purplebubbles thats great that ur not bleeding anymore! it's def that 1st step in the right direction! sod it, accidents are allowed! lol

  • Hey hun

    Nice to see you.

    I dont think theres any evidence against it as lots of women do & are fine plus have done loads of research before but there seems to be a pattern for me so maybe my body just cant take the strain.

    Im still on highs day 13, quick question today when I poas it read it & when I went back to it, it had turnt off & when I turnt it on the ! was there is that just cause it turnt off do you know?? xxx
  • erm.... i would check your manual i always leave mine to turn off cus i poas and then have a shower etc so it's always read it and turned off before i get chance to look. you have to take the stick out and then turn it on to read it if it does this... xxx
  • I think it's read it as it switced off before I got a chance to take stick out this time!! Then when I turnt it on it had the ! so I took the stick out & it still said high.

    Oh well dont think im ov yet anyway it's too early plus bd last night!!

    I just hope I dont peak fri as oh is out for the night with his friends then staying at his dads as there going to the footie together so I wont see him till Sat night!! Fingers crossed it doesnt happen yet!!! x
  • I DO I DO!!

    Af arrived this afternoon and I am due to ov on Valentines Day itself!! Testing day won't be until 1st March which is day my Grandad died so hopefuly he'll be looking over me and will bring me luck (on testing day not ov day-that would be weird and borderline inappropriate!) x x
  • Hi MP

    Sorry she got you love but I will add you down for 1st March & I think some lovely valentines bd will be just whats needed for a nice BFP & im sure your grandad will be peeking down & will arrange a special little surprise for you'll xxx

    Good Luck hun xx
  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry she got you MP.

    Laujai, I always leave mine to turn off itself and it still gives me a correct reading.

    Well I'm somewhere around 3/4DPO (I'm trying to not think about it too much image ) and so am far too early to ss - doesn't mean I won't be in a week though :lol:

    Hope everyonr else is doing OK this evening

  • hi ladies,

    sorry I am so c rap at keeping up!!!! I will try to be better!!!

    Laujai - I want a winnie the pooh theme - already got a few bits and bobs from before, and Ive started doing cross stich again (hubbie loves it as he gets PS3 time then without me moaning!) Ive got it all planned - just got to put it into reality!

    We're still being naughty and having lots of little accidents! I have got no idea when AF is meant to arrive or when Im OV - so we're just going to see what happens for the next 4 weeks . hubbie is absolutely knackered already - poor thing!! ha ha

    rocky - yes I cant explain how happy i was when it stopped. obv wish it hadnt had happened in the first plan, but def felt that we could start moving on. yeahhhhx hope you're okay.

    fingers crossed for us all ladies, and happy baby dancing! he he x x x
  • speaking of flying whens gemgems back???

    Laujai thats pants, you'll just have to do some morning BD!!!!

    oh no MP thats pants! what a cow!!!!

    cd10 for me and i got a high! earliest high ever!!!! so if i peak after 2 highs the earliest i will be testing will be valentines day! eak! (wait i'v jinxed it now and going to get loads of highs!!!! lol) may need to update my testing date but i'll let you know once i've got my peak! xxx
  • Hello lovelies

    I was thinking about Gem yesterday, wondering when she's back im sure it was 1 wk away??

    Dont worry rainbow well try to keep you in check with the ss.

    M&S that's cute I havent thought about nursery yet as we will need to move to a bigger place but thats a whole other story!!.

    I have a headache today, hate headaches sometimes I get them for a good few days!!

    Well im on CD14 due to bd tonight & then oh is away tomo night, not sure well get morning bd in as im dead to the world when he gets up for work LOL!! As long as I dont peak tomorrow then it's all good & coincides with the SMEP.

    Hope everyone else is doing good xxx

  • hope you're headache clears soon laujai x

    mp - sorry AF got you - if youre due to ov on 14th feb that a good sign - lots of bd that day for sure!!!

    x x x
  • Morning ladies :\)

    Sorry I've not been around much, I've been a bit....erm...well...busy imageops:

    I'm on CD13 now and I think (as I'm not using opk's for the forseeable - pact with hubs) I ov'd early this month on CD11!! (have ov'd this early before so not a huge deal - I'm sooooo glad now that we decided to just go for it and get as much bd'ing in as possible - just in case!)

    So I've been a little preoccupied image

    I'm going to keep my test date as Valentines day to cover my bases - we're still - TMI ALERT - going at it like rabbits and will continue to for as long as we can both keep it up. I can ov anywhere between CD11 & CD15 so still got a few days left to get covered.

    Strange thing today though - my 18mth old cat who usually doesn't pay me any attention at all unless I'm feeding him has not left me alone! Constantly round me wanting attention, headbutting the bathroom door open when I go to the loo so he can be near me etc image Very bizarre behaviour from him, I've put a post up on TTC asking whether pets "know" before we do...what do you guys think?? Do they know we are before we do?? (probs wishful thinking but this ttc lark is all about PMA isn't it :lol: )
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