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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • morning ladies, well I've had a little drama going on :roll: yesterday at lunch time I was at home tidying up my drawer a little when my pg test fell into my hand...I took it as a sign and tested...there was nothing in the few minutes I had before I had to leave so forgot about it. When I got home I had another look and there was a very very faint line, at this stage I even dismantled the test to get a better look and sure enough, very very faint but def there. Now I tried my hardest not to get excited, after all the test had been sitting for a few hours, but my little head went on and started planning the nursery :roll:
    Tested this morning with a FR and..... nothing...not even a glimmer of a line :cry: I know I'm only 11dpo but really thought there would be something because of yesterday, so feeling sorry for myself today. That'll teach me for testing early I sapose! xx

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  • Rainbow no early testing.

    Huni im sorry hun how confusing!!! BTW I wouldve done the same as you.

    So what test was it you used that fell into your hand?

    Remember it's still early. xxx
  • Erm Laujai, you're going to have to slap my hands, cos I tested this afternoon, I couldn't help it I just felt that I was pregnant, and guess what........ it's a bloody BFP!!!!!!!!

    I'm so so shocked, I'm 13DPO and didn;t use FMU, it's feint but definetly there, I'm praying it's sticky now.

    Huni, did you use a different brand of test to the original?

  • hooray again rainbow - i think a positive with non-fmu on day 13dpo is definately something to feel positive about!
  • ooh me again! just seen that due in nov is up - I'm going be there! PMA!
  • YAYYYYY RAINBOW Congrats hun that is fantastic news, gona update our thread title now!!!!

    YIPPPEEEE LOL Was just looking in ttc & saw they have bloody 10 BFP!!! So am really thrilled we have 1 over here, may it be the start of many to come xxxxx
  • Congratulations Rainbow thats great news..xx
  • yayyyyy CONGRATULATIONS RAINBOW!!!!! that's wonderful news hun!!

    I used a superdrug test which gave me that annoying line and then the FR this morning (and another tonight :roll: ) both gave me nothing so think I'm def out this month :cry:

    Ah well, maybe next month xx
  • huni don't mean to get your hopes up in case it's not as you left the test. but superdrug is def more sens than FR. don't you remember when I was doing so many tests on the same pot of wee?
  • Yea I agree with Gem, SD are more sensitive than FR, have you got any left to use FMU?? xx
  • Yep I have 1 more SD left and 3 CBD, but I'm not even attempting them as they aren't sensitive at all, ooo girls do you really think there's still hope?? xx
  • Yea I do, your right save those bad boys for when you get a nice strong line!!

    Def still hope my love are you gona test tomorrow or try & wait 1 day LOL!!! Or is that a silly Q?? xx
  • :lol::lol: Laujai you're talking to someone who has used 5 cheapies, a SD and 2 FR this month alone.... :lol:

    As much as I know I should wait I probably won't :roll: xx
  • ok now I'm really losing it... I dismantled the FR test I did tonight and examined the strip...there's a very very VERY faint line....OMG, my head is going to explode...could I be that unlucky to get 2 evap lines in 2 days??
  • hello ladies! somehow i missed this thread!? how is everyone? we it looks like my test day will be feb.12th! have my fingers crossed! on 7dpo i had some pink/brown spoting which i never have between cycles, so hoping that that was implataion bleeding??! it would be lovely to fall pg in the month of love! one of my bestfriends who was due a week after i was is now 5 1/5 mths along showing,just found out shes having a girl and vocally excited about each kick ect. im trying my best to be so very excited for her and not be envious! i just so very much want my baby back!! image
  • Can u add me please... i'm on CD 3 at the moment... AF is due the 2nd of March but im sure i will tests well before then lol.
  • morning ladies, well after my little breakdown lastnight, I tested again this morning with a SD, got a BFN so I've accepted the fact it hasn't been my month, ah well, looking forward to my March BFP now image xx
  • Morning ladies,

    Gussie & miss88 I will add you both to the list, good luck. Gussie sounding positive hope that was a little implantation spot for you.

    Huni my luv I dont think it's over, FR dont do evap lines there that good, I have never known anyone to have an evap on 1 of those. I have a feeling that maybe your hcg just isnt strong enough that's wht it's not showing yet.

    Well as for me ladies im 4 dpo & last night started getting sharp pains just above my ladybits like on the top of my bikini line!!! Not sure what that's about as surely it's too early for any type niggles!!!

  • Hi Laujai, aww thanks for cheering me up hun, I know in my head it's not over but something else is just telling me it hasn't been my lucky month, don't feel as bad as I thought I would to be honest, after all the drama yesterday think I'm just glad to know in a way! But I'll keep you all posted if AF decides not to show up, you'll all be sick of hearing from me :P

    4dpo is early for signs but it's not unheard of hun so you never know! Could be everything getting ready for a little bean xx
  • hey all, congrats to rainbow, sorry to those who have been got by AF's or BFN's, Huni,FR's def dont get evap lines, thats why i only use them so i dont have to go throught the rigmarole of questioning myself!

    Sorry havent been on for a while, been v v hectic and also trying my best to take my mind of ttc, cd18 today and still highs on my cbfm (started on cd10 which is vvvvvv early for me!) trying not to get too fed up but its hard work and my due date is only 5 days away imageimage so am v sorry if i'm not around much!

    Has anyone seen Mrs Pies around? was thinking about her the other day and that i haven't seen her for a while... Glad we found Jodie too! xx
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