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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • Hi Rocky, thanks hun but I caved and used my CBD.. it was a BFN...I know they aren't that sensitive but I got my BFP on 1 before at 13dpo so I'm taking it as being right, ah well no point dwelling on it, I have my thermometer and digital ov tests ordered for next month and I'm determined I'm not taking no for an answer in March!! :lol:
  • Hi ladies

    Rocky I was wondering about Mrs Pies too not long ago, did she have a BFp & wasnt sure what was happening due to small bleed?? May be way off there!!

    Huni my love we could never get bored thats the whole point were all here!!
    What day is AF due again sweetie?/

    Well I have been on a mad one today decided to move the furniture around in th living room, took a lunch break & met a friend for a bite to eat thn took the puppy for a walk in the park & then back to rearranging!!! We only have a small front room so not much you can do but I am pleased with the result!! xxx
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    First and foremost a MASSIVE congrats to Rainbow! I told you so didn't I??!!! image Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy hun image

    Huni - tut tut tut - you know it isn't over until the wicked ol witch shows her ugly mug!! (and for the record I have never ever known of an evap on a FR test)

    Lau - I don't think 4dpo is too early hun - not when you think some ladies can get their BFP's at 6dpo ;\)

    Well, CD21 for me - still the same symptoms as my previous post, but now I also have

    *restless sleep - taking me ages to get off to sleep and I keep waking up through the night
    *cramp in my calves - has happened every night for the past three nights
    *hot flushes early evening
    *lower backache


    I really really am loving these symptoms!!

    I've been incredibly tempted to test but have so far managed to hold off....really don't think I'm gonna make it as far as valentines day though :lol:
  • Afternoon ladies,

    Huni, really have everything crossed for you sweetie, I use Superdrug as they're the most sensitive and this time it picked mine up 13DPO not even using FMU so if I were you I'd treat myself to one of those image

    Laujai, 4DPO is not too early, I certainly felt a niggle in my lady area on the left hand side not long after ov, (i wasn't really counting my DPO so not sure when exactly it was) really hoping for you hun.

    Rocky, bet you're having loads of fun with all those highs :lol: have everything crossed for you.

    Lilylilav, don;t want to get your hopes up, but I was having hot flusges for few days before my BFO, as well as the restless night sleep so hope it means the same for you too.

    Thank you all for my congrats and great wishes! I tested again using FMU with Superdug and it's definetly a line, a little feint but certainly stronger than the first one. I've booked to go and see the docs on Monday to see about early scan, not hopeful they will let me have one though.

    I'm going to stay here with you girls for a while if you don't mind. Although i'm lurking in the due in forum, I'm not quite ready to introduce myself just yet.

  • Hi ladies,
    Can I join in? I am normally a LTTTCer but this is actually my first cycle ttc after my mc last feb.
    In a nutshell, af never returned after my mc at 9 weeks. After almost a year, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed drugs to induce af and ov. So I have FINALLY ov'd and am 3 dpo and would love to join your thread!
    Good luck to you all.

    Lau - I am planning on testing on the 17th of feb if af doesn't get me first. Scary date - it's the one year anniversary of my mc but ma hopeful it'll bring me luck

  • Mrs DAO welcome! though sorry to hear of your loss and it must've been really hard being in limbo for a year!

    High again today, GGGGGGRRRRRRRR am actually gettin bored now... 10 days of highs, but i think i'm either going to get a low or peak tomorrow possibly... i know i know ur not supposd to look at the lines on the sticks but where as for the last 10 days one line has always been lotsd darker today that one is def lighter and the other one is darker than the last 10 days too! they look about the same... hhhmmmmm xxx
  • Hi ladies

    Lil it's sounding great hun got everything crossed for you.
    Rainbow hope you get on ok at docs & they arrange an early scan for you, do let us know how you get on.
    Hi Ya MrsDao nice to see you, was so pleased for you when AF arrived & now you've ov'ed thats fantastic news will be keeping absolutley everything crossed for you my dear, i'll add you date to the list.
    Rocky how annoying for you, I look at the lines too!! Do you think you've oved already, I had this before oved but no peaks, I carried on getting blimin highs right up to the last stick which was a low! Hope something happens soon huni.

    Huni how are you my lovely

    I've still been getting all the same twinges near my lady bits or on the sides actually have it on the right side toady!! Funny as well cause normally post ov my boobs start to ache & there not really that bad at the moment sometimes just a sharp niggly ache but not all the time. We went out last night for a birthday & there were 2 pg ladies there both lovely, 1 of them was due 2 days after our March edd I was ok just felt a little disapointed that it wasnt still us as she was the same amount of weeks we wouldve
  • Hi ladies, how are we all today?

    Laujai, it must have been so hard for you last night, how are you feeling now? Have everything crossed for your lurve bean hun

  • Thanks hun, Im ok thanks I felt a little upset & dissapointed yesterday but im ok, the girls were lovely I didnt obviously tell them anything about us. I think as well with her edd being so close to ours it just upset me a little cause we'd be at the same stage.

    Nevermind hopefully a lurve bug is getting nice & snug as we speak.

    How have you been hun? xx
  • Glad you OK today hun, maybe treat yourself to some nice choccy puds, that what I tend to do image

    I'm good thanks, taking one day at a time. Had a scare last night cos been getting tummy ache right at the bottom of my tummy, but I think it's my uterus stretching and then pressing on my bladder and bowel (or other way around, which ever it is!) it's not constant, comes and goes but seems to be around when I'm in bed and wakes me up, I'm trying not to google it but you know what's it's like!

  • Mmm choc puds sounds good!!

    That is exactly the sort of thing im getting only really at bedtime though!! It's low down either bikini line or just under!! That will be your muscles & uterus stretching hun getting ready for you to grow a babie!! (sorry love that saying becky on corrie said it the other day LOL) xx
  • Don't want to get your hopes up hun, but mine tends to be at bed time only, really hope it means something for you!! Yep, mine's really low, I already have a bump (not a baby one a fat one that has always looked like a baby bump :lol: ) and it's right under there by my bikini line


    PS I have a fan choccy oud reciepe that I got of rosenirp in TTC and they are absolutley lovely, can't have them now though as it's quite close to raw egg
  • Got a peak!!!!!! yay! please can u change my test date to 23 feb! thank f*ck! was starting to get a tad worried!!! and we've BD'd the last 2 nights already so can feel lots of PMA atm, though got a couple more nights to make sure hubby's prepared for a few mor shotsimage xxx
  • Yay Rocky, that's fab (must admit I did a little dance for you then :lol: )

    have fun tonight ;\) (an in the morning, and tomorrow night :lol: )
  • Hi ladies, sorry I haven't been back on, well I tested again yesterday morning and this morning using a FR and 2 SD, and they were all BFN so guess I'm out, not feeling that bad really, I have my CBFM ordered, digital basal thermometer and digital ov tests as well so I'm taking no chances this month :lol: just hoping the monitor gets here in time for AF, I'm due Tuesday/Wednesday. Does anyone know if you HAVE to start using it on cd1 or can it be a few days in?

    Aww Laujai, ((hugs)) I know that feeling, I went on my "Due in" forum earlier (don't know why I do it to myself) all the ladies are chatting about their scans and sharing pics, don't get me wrong, I'm so happy for them but there's always the little thought in your head saying "why me" But on a happier note, your pains are sounding promising! Fingers crossed for ya hun xx
  • Hi all, I have been ss like mad last two days - sickness, feeling drained, tummy pains etc. Driving myself mad and not due to test till next sunday (might have to test early - I have no will power) xx
  • Huni, you can set you CBFM anything up to CD5, but remember to set it when you get up so that's the time it asks you to POAS on the days you have too, good luck sweetie, I have had my BFP's both times on the first cycle of using it.

    lilypod, hope it's all great for you

  • Thanks rainbow! Hopefully it brings me as much luck!! xx
  • Morning Ladies image

    How is everyone doing today??

    Lau - those pains are positive signs (I think & hope as I'm having them too!! Hard to describe, not quite cramps but kind of pulls - almost like a guitar string being strummed??)

    Huni - sorry to hear about your BFN's & I really truly hope it doesn't mean you're out for this month but rather have a shy peeking bean instead image

    I think I've officially gone loopy :lol:

    I had the wierdest dream ever last night (when I finally managed to get to sleep at 1am that is!! :roll: )

    I dreamt that I had all these blue line tests in front of me - 13 in total and was watching them all develop, my best friend is standing in the same room as me. Slowly I see the tests start to turn + and I'm there saying to my best friend (who incidentally in real life is 27 weeks pg with twins!) "Well, there ya go, that's 9 + tests out of 13 - I think we can safely assume you are pregnant - not that you'd already have noticed with the size of your baby bump anyway! " (I was quite nasty!! image ) my friend starts laughing her head off and then composes herself and goes.. "You're so daft you are! They're YOUR tests babe!! You've done it! You're PREGNANT!!!!"

    Then I woke up :roll:

    I rang her this morning to apologise for being a nasty horrible cow in my dream, started crying my eyes out cos I felt soooo awful for how horrid I'd been...bless her she was lovely and told me to take a test - maybe it was a sign yadda yadda yadda.... :roll:
  • Hi Ladies

    Yayy for the peak Rocky, Good Luck huni.

    Huni im sorry about the BFN I still have everything crossed that theres a shy one as still no AF.

    Rainbow thanks hun I will try not to get my hopes up LOL but thats good if were getting the same kind of thing!!

    Lily love your dream mut be a sign!! Symptoms sounding good hun.

    Not much for me to report here still the same old niggles & a slight backache sort of af ish cramps as well but it's too early for that im only 7dpo.
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