Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • Many congrats LilyL!
  • Oh LillyLilac, I've just shouted yes in my living room :lol: so, so happy gor you sweetie.

    Huni, hope it's a shy bean for you lovely.

    Hope everyone else is OK

  • Congratulatsions Lilylilac!!!

    Thanks ladies, pretty sure there's no bean hiding in my tum (it would need to be the shyest baby EVER going by the number of tests I've done :lol: ) I've read about stress can cause you not to ovulate so now I'm worried about that, really really hope she arrives and puts6 me out of my misery image
  • lilylilac congrats!!!

    rocky hope the EDD was ok, and not too difficult for you.

    gussie hope you feel a bit better soon. you can always email me if you want to talk.

    still lurk in here to check on all of you most days. I'll be keeping an eye on all my buddies til you all get your bfp's.

    luv Gems
  • Awww Thank you so much guys for your congrats & best wishes image

    It hasn't sunk in to be honest, I haven't told hubs yet as I have a plan for valentines day - I'll let you all in on that in a sec as I need a little help image

    Lau - we said we'd get lurve bugs...so come on missus!! I'm waiting for ya - I'm not moving my arris over to DIO without you!!

    Rainbow - I must admit - I gave a little whoop when I saw your BFP note too image I just love the spirit on here - whether good or bad news we all rally around ((((massive group hugs to all on TTAM)))))

    Ok, so I'm planning to wrap a card attached with ribbon round a red rose and leave it on Hubbys pillow for valentines evening - nothing new there as I do it every single year - this year I'm going to get a large red rose from me and a small red rose from bubs..

    Here's where I need your help - when I was pregnant with my daughter we referred to her as "Pea" (still gets called that often now :lol: ), when I was pregnant with the twins we called them "Pip & Pop"

    So...I want to write the card on the small rose from bubs but want a name beginning with P along the same sort of lines as the others but different...

    Any ideas??

    Hope everyone is well - do we have anyone testing today?

    *****scattering a truckload of babydust (super sticky variety) along with a dollop of PMA*****
  • Oh and Lau - yes he was a male driver!!!! :lol: and they call us women!

    Claims he didn't see me....erm...hello...I was only driving a great big huge mahoosive MPV!!!! Short of driving a bus you can't get much bigger than my tank!!

    Police rang last night and they're coming round for a statement this evening - they apparently want to charge him with dangerous driving and attempting to leave the scene of an accident!

    Serves him bloody well right - dread to think if the children had been in the car image
  • What a joke well at least he wont be getting away with it!! Stupid men drivers think they own the road or car park!!!

    Right am trying to think of a P word for your little un, umm umm umm!!

    I'll get back to you LOL baby brain is obviously kicking in!!!!! wishful thinking eh!! xx
    Sending you loads of super sticky babydust.
    Have lovely H & H 9 months! xxxx
  • ooohhhhh pib? pog? pug? lol, sounds like such a lovely idea hun! let us know how it goes!

    Hey Huni, how you getting on? any sign of the cow?

    Laujai how are the symptoms?xxx
  • Hi Rocky

    I have no symptoms LOL just those little niggles in abdo!!

    I have to admit I did do a naughty cheapie today & was a BFN!!! AF not really due till sun or mon though!! How are you doing?? xx
  • hi Rocky

    Blimin be ate my reply!!

    I havent any symptoms just those niggles in abdo!! boobs dont really hurt usually do post ov just everynow & then get a little ache under my arm!!

    Have to admit i done a naughty cheapie dip stick today!!! BFN af not due till sun or mon though!!
    How you been? xxx
  • ooo what about pud? image

    Hey rocky, I'm considering sending out a search party, still no sign of her! what a real witch!! :roll: xx
  • Oh yea Pud is good!!

    Huni if shes awol for a good reason dont go looking for her LOL how late are you now?? I forgot to say did you know that with our 1st pg I kept getting BfN AF was awol for 2 months!!! Finally found out when was 8 weeks!!!! xx
  • Lily I am sooo pleased for you! That man sounded like an idiot! Enjoy preparing for your littleone!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS LILY! That is fabulous news. I really am genuinely pleased for you. Always nice to hear one of us has been blessed.

    I'm afraid it is back to CD1 for me as of this morning. Had a little sob at 6 o'clock this morning and then pulled myself together and went to work a 12 hour shift accompanied by crippling period pains. Life feels really pretty crap today. Hope everyone else is having a bit more PMA.

    Jo x x x
  • Jo, sorry she got you - think she is on way to me too. xx
  • I'm 3-4 days late now, and having another drama! :lol: I've a party to go to tomorrow night so was going to test in the morning just to be sure I could drink but about an hour ago I thought sure might as well do it now and get the BFN over with...THERE'S A LINE!! It seems to have got fainter but it came up straight away, I tried to get a pic but my camera isn't great so it's not easy to see...but what do you all think??


  • I'm sedning you tons of luck Lilypod, really hope you have better luck thank me. Was so sure we'd done it this month, feel like I just can't trust the signals my body gives me any more!

    Hey ho, here's to a Mrach BFP. Hugs and baby dust to all xx
  • It was my last FR too!!! I only have CBD's left now and I know they aren't sensitive so what should I do, test tomorrow or wait a few days?? xx
  • Could you get a Superdrug test Huni as they are uber sensitive? Maybe keep your FMU in the fridge until you get one?

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