Hi Girls,

Im new to this site (infact any site relating to pregnancy etc). I had a blighted ovum in December and have been rubbish on the trying front since then. My closest friend has just had her baby and my dance teacher has just announced she is 5 weeks.

I came home last night and burst into tears. Of course I am absolutely happy for them both and cant wait to see my friends new addition. Its a bittersweet feeling!

I chatted to my other half last night and we had a good talk about it.

Do you think i will still be VERY fertile even though it is now 4 months after my m/c. At which i had the D&C.



  • I think you should just start trying and see how it goes. I lost my baby on Thursday and my best friend was pregnant at the sam etime as me and we were both thrilled to find we were expecting together. Now I have lost mine and hers is still carrying on. I dont want her to feel awkward but it is hard to hear about it as its still raw. Im going to start trying as soon as i stop bleeding. I just want to be pregnant again so I know how you feel. Best wishes and I hope you get the baby you derserve soon xxx
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