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Ok...I see alot of new people here since I've been gone. I'll run through my story real quick. I am 23 and hubby is 27. We have a 3 year old son, which took us 2 years to conceive naturally. I never went on birth control after I had him, but it still took another 2 years to conceive naturally again, but sadly I miscarried at 6 weeks last April. I had a D&C April 20th and we've tried ever since to get pregnant again. I just had laparoscopic surgery almost 3 weeks ago and my dr removed quite a bit of scar tissue due to endometriosis. He said we should start "aggresively" trying after 2 weeks bc my best chance to conceive is within the next 2 months. We were naughty and bd'd about a week and a half after my surgery instead of 2 weeks, and we've been bd'ing atleast every other day since (although we had a 3 day streak in the middle lol). Saying all of this leads me to my questions...has anyone gotten pregnant soon after a lap surgery? And also, when can I expect af? Sorry for tmi, but I bled for about 5 days after the lap, which started right after my surgery. Should I count that as my af? I was actually over a week late on the day of surgery, so now I have no idea when I should ovulate or expect af. I just hope that this surgery actually helps us to conceive another child.


  • hi BB,

    sorry i havent had lap surgery so cant offer advice, but just wanted to say Im sorry about your loss and I hope you get your BFP real quick

    x x x
  • hey hun, good to see you! and fingers crossed the surgery helps! the only person i know to of had that procedure is laujai and she's taking a break from here as it all got a bit much... so sorry i can't help with that! wishing you heaps of luck though! xxx
  • Hi, im afraid I cant give any advice either also just wanted to say sorry for your loss and I hope that all the BD will pay off!!;\)

  • Thank you all for the luck image. I did something silly today, I got out all of the things we bought for the baby we lost (wasn't much, just a few litle things) but it made me kind of sad thinking of what would have been. So now I am praying even harder to be blessed with another love child image. I will try to stay posted as we try this plan all over again, and maybe soon I'll have good news to share!! Thanks again for the sweet words ladies, sometimes I feel like you are the only ones who understand what I'm going through.
  • hi BB,

    we've just moved house, and i finally felt brave enough to get all of our baby stuff from the inlaws to have at ours - its now all packed away in the spare room. It was very emotional looking through it all, but on a positive note - I and you will get to use the lovely things that we have very very soon.

    take care of yourself hun - and keep us posted with how you're getting on, we're all here for each other.

    x x x
  • hello BB! long time no see, hope your doing ok! sorry havent had before. just wanted to say hi and good luck!
  • Purplebubbles-it did kind of make me feel better looking through it, as I don't want to completely forget about the baby we lost, an I feel like I can atleast be thankful for the short time that we knew and celebrated by buying those things. (although one of my really close friends has always said it's bad luck to buy things before the 2nd trimester). But I feel confident that we both will be able to use those things someday image

    Gussie- it has been a while since we got to chat. Thank you for the kind words, I hope all is well with you also. It's now been about three and a half weeks since my surgery and still no af, so Im keeping my fingers crossed for good news. It would be great if I were to fall pregnant this month, especially since I got pregnant last march with the baby we lost, so having a baby in December around my last due date would be such a blessing! (although I'm not getting my hopes up).
    Baby dust to us all and I hope this will be our big month!!!
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