Are you quitting alcohol during the party season?


We've only just started TTC after my mmc in September. My AF is due 23/24 December which means I should be ovulating next week. I've got a few Christmas nights out planned and I don't know whether to go completely T-Total or whether to indulge in a couple of glasses of wine.

TBH, I'm not that bothered about drinking at the mo because a) having a healthy baby is far more important to me right now and b) I've got a stinking cold anyway so don't really feel like it. But I don't want to be a saint for the rest of the month, only to get a BFN on Christmas Eve and think to myself "I should have enjoyed myself a bit more and indulged in a few Chrstimas drinkies."

The other consideration is me getting irritated at other people staring and my drink and guessing I'm pg again, when it could take months for it to happen.

What do you think? :\?


  • I would enjoy yourself hun, you dont have to go mad but the odd glass of wine isnt going to hurt. xx
  • I agree with Laujai, don't over-do it, but don't spoil your enjoyment of the festive season completely. xx
  • I can't see that one or two would hurt. Loads of people drink booze before they realise they are pregnant (drinking lots of booze contributing to them getting pregnant in the first place!!) and go on to have lovely babies.
  • guess I'll prob drink now, as AF came today :cry:

    so I'll prob not be due it again until after new year now. I'd enjoy yourself, just don't go too crazy, a few drinks that early in pg would be fine.
  • sorry to hear that Gem. I think i'm due AF the week before so i'm going to indulge lightly as won't even be OV'ing over that bit, though hoping for a BFP so would be a NO NO! you could always drink white wine spritzers or go for alcohol lower in %. thats my plan! xx
  • Thanks for your thoughts guys.

    I'm really sorry too Gem. I hope you're not too disappointed.

    As I've had 2 mcs, I've got a real hang-up about doing things that could increase my chances of mc again, even by a miniscule amount. I think I'll see how I feel when I go out.

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