hi im new on here! need help with dates!

Hia to all who come on here, im new and was just wondering if anyone could help me with my dates. I miscarried in april and due to work we havn't really had much 'trying'. anyway i was feeling really iccky yet lots of back acke but thought id do a test to see! It was really really faint. I decided to wait abit before retesting as i really felt af was about to show up due to bad back acke. af was due 9th july, i tested 6 july first time. I have just retested and it is very strong!

anybody help me as to a due date?

thanks xx


  • Hiya...firstly sorry to hear about your miscarriage....but secondly congratulations on the BFP!!
    Did you have an Af between April and getting your BFP?
    If not then you'd have to estimate from when you think you o'vd and BD'd. But given that the line was faint on 6th July it could be that you were around 4 weeks ( 2 weeks since ov'd ) ish when you first tested (provided that was FMU) and then making you around 6 weeks now....but that is purely a guess.
    You will get a firm EDD at your 12 week scan....but as you don't know when your 12 weeks I would think your doctor might send you for an early scan to give you an estimate.
    I'd suggest contacting your doc and asking for an early scan then you'll be able to book your 12 week scan at the right time.
    Anyway....a happy and healthy pregnancy to you
    Take care
    Sue x
  • hi sue,

    thanks for the advice, my periods were regular straight away after the mc, 28 days to the dot! i was really lucky as i know it can take a while for them to return to normal. my last af was 12th june.... so i think im due around march 19th if the pregnancy calculator is correct!

    i have my doctors appointment tonight and hopefully i will be given an early scan as i have also had a molar pregnancy also.

    thanks again x
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