should i wait?

just a query re- should i wait til i get a period b4 trying to concieve? i know you can concieve b4 you get 1 but is it better for your body to wait?
i mc @ 6+ in dec waited for a period then concieved first time then mc AGAIN at 9+, 2 wks ago.
altho i'm physically not quite ready, just had a scan today that confirmed i still have blood to come away, which it is!
i really want to be pregnant again it's what we planned once we married and we fall pregnant v. quickly so i do appreciate how lucky we are. we also have a 3yr old and again i appreciate we are blessed to have her, it doesn't stop me yearning for a 2nd.
i am worried as i was last time about falling pregnant and going thro it all again.
but i'm willing to take my chances and hope and wish that it'll work out...


  • Hi smitch. You have to do what you feel is right.

    I had a mmc in Jan, I waited for an af before ttc again. I waited because I wasn't emotionally ready at that time, and I wanted to make sure that my uterus was empty, anything retained would have come away with af.

    The other reason to wait is for dating purposes.

    It's your choice, and no-one can say one choice is right or wrong.

    Here's hoping your next bfp is a super sticky one. xx
  • Hi i had a mmc in March and lost baby 3 weeks ago after medical management - i am waiting for an af before we try again but this is more for dating purposes and to stop any anxiety if the baby wasnt quite the size i reconned by using mc as a date - that would be providing i got pregnant right away but last time it was our first month of trying which we couldnt believe.

    Also i had a clot left over which altho i am sure is out my scan isnt until wed to double check this - i currently have a uti and a lot of pain so wouldnt be thinking about ttc just yet anyway..

    Its up to you and your hubby and whatever feels right for you both...good luck for a sticky BFP next time!

  • I think if you feel alright them go for it. My partner has been quite impatient about ttc and found out I might have been ovualting a couple of days ago so we haven't full on been trying but we haven't exactly been careful either. Although I had a d&c and so there is more chance everything has passed and also I really know my obgyn and he has been practicing a loooong time and had delivered all my babies msicarriges and full term so its different for someone like me who can know for a fact her doctor would be very careful not to leave anything behind rather than someone who is taking it on faith.

    I would say if you feel like going for it then go for it, it would be nice to have someone else on here who is bding so soon. My partner and I concieve quite quickly too so I am pretty positive in the next few months we could be pregnant again and I can't wait I am so excited just thinking about it.

    Like me you also are quite lucky as you already have a child and know you can go full term. I have two children so I am pretty sure I have atleast some good eggs in there. I am just glad I am doing all this before I am 30 now because I have miscarried 3 times now in my life and if the chances rise when you are in your 30's I hate to think what ttc would have been like for me. Then again I know heaps of people who had babies in their 30's and 40's who never miscarried or had any problems so sometimes I think statistics are bull shite.
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