finally been given all clear


we had another follow up scan today after our MC on the 23rd April, and i am glad to say that although my womb was still measuring more then they hoped they have said i have nothing to worry about now! They think it may actually just be the lining rebuilding given how far we are from the MC and where i might be in my cycle.

I am so pleased!! It means we can finally start to TTC again!! I say 'finally', it was only 18days since our miscarriage, but it feels like a LIFETIME ago! I can't actually believe just how long ago it feels. I thought the experience would stay raw and very real to me for a long time after, but i am amazed how well i have coped and been able to move on.

It is still so sad what we have been through, but it really does feel like so long ago.

We were told today to wait for my period until we start TTC again, but too late for that image
I stopped bleeding over a week ago and have been in full TTC mode since ;\)

When she was explaining her reasons i have to say that her voice gave it away that the real reason was cos it is difficult for them to date you. I would imagine that may cause a whole lot of extra work for them due to the unecessary worry the mother has put herself under by not knowing if things are normal for what stage she is at. I am prepared for that! I am prepared for the problems i may encounter emotionally should i be lucky enough to fall pregnant before i even get a period.

Been OV testing every day and had mixed reading.. had positive tests last week, then negative, then positive again last night... so just baby dancing every second night!

Wish me luck folks!


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  • Hi hun,

    Your story sounds very similar to mine. I was very raw and emotional all last week when it happened but i feel much better this week and am focusing all my attention on TTC. I'm amazed at how ive changed. I think it's because i really want to be pregnant again. The bleedings coming to a stop now for me, which i feel abit sad about strangely as it's all over, the whole pregnancy has gone if you understand that?! But i'm looking forward the same as you!

    I think they do say wait till AF for dating purposes, but i don't intend to put ttc on hold for their convenience. I don't want any early scans this time as i'm convinced that the worry from scan to scan helped cause my mc. Because i had a long cycle the doc dated me about 4 weeks ahead so when i went for my first early scan there wasn't anything there and i worried throughout the whole pregnancy!

    I think if you record all of your dates ie. bleeding, cramps, cm, bd the whole lot, you might see a cycle emerge and be able to date yourself in a round about way, but if not it doesn't matter! As long as lo is well, your dates will sort themselves out eventually.

    Good luck hun, i hope you get a sticky BFP really soon!!

  • hey
    i am glad to hear you are looking forward too! I read your previous posts and was very sad for you. Sometimes i feel to advise people on the way i coped with my MC sounds harsh when you see it in writing. I basically clung onto the phrase my sonographer used which was my 'pregnancy had stopped'. So i stopped thinking of it as a baby and focused on it being a pregnancy. That maybe doesn't make any sense to anyone else?! I had seen a heartbeat contained in a fuzzy shape, but nothing that actually resembled a baby so i suppose that made it easier.

    I felt that by focussing on a pregnancy i was able to focus on getting through the medical process of the miscarriage. I stopped connecting it to a baby.

    And i miss being pregnant, i miss the excitement of planning to become a parent and having an expected date of that happening. I miss looking forward to my stomach swelling, and feeling a kick wondering what that will feel like, i miss reading my books and seeing what stage we are at.

    so i want to be pregnant again asap. I don't feel obsessed by this, i feel excited about it! I am excited about OV testing, i am enjoying all the BDing, even if my AF arrives before my BFP this month i am looking forward to using my CBFM!

    Like you i am not planning to wait for their convenience, and i did pick that up by her voice today.

    Like you i don't want any early scans. We initially thought we were 2 weeks ahead of what we were eventually dated, so i was also panicked when they couldn't see what they thought they should. Also in hindsight i should probably have picked up there was a problem when they dated us, as i was OV testing so i couldn't be only 7 weeks according to my cycle etc.

    God i just don't want to know all of that! I just hope that this next time, i make it to my 12 weeks scan with no issues and i see a healthy baby that they can measure and date for me without me panicking it doesn't sound/look right!

    Don't know if anything i have said makes sense, but it makes sense to me! ;o)

    Good luck to you too.... here's to our sticky BFPs!!


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