Has anyone used CBD Ovulation Kit????

Hi guys

Has anyone used the CBD Ovulation kit? I know alot of you girlies are using CBFM and rave about it, but was thinking of just giving the OPk's another go before investing in a CBFM. I only used some cheapy opk's last month - infact the 1st time that i had ever used opk's and just wondered if anyone had sucess with the CBD kit? They are on offer in Sainsburys and boots at the mo!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Jodie xx


  • hey hunni, i tried these but as my cycles are a bit longer i never got a +ive which is why i then went for the CBFM - u can buy these cheaper off Amazon or ebay. xx
  • Hi Jodie,

    If you have reasonably regular cycles and a rough idea of when you ovulate then I would go with the CBD ov kit.

    For the last two months I have been using both because I wasn't sure my CBFM was giving me the proper dates. I find that I get my smiley on the CBD the day before I get a peak on the CBFM. I'm fairly sure that this is because the LH surge tends to happen in the afternoon, and the good thing about the CBD is that you can test any time (there's a testing window with CBFM).

    That said, getting the 'highs' as well as the 'peaks' is a good feature of the CBFM, as even when my cycles were irregular the highs came at the right time. That said, I think you can tell just by looking at the sticks whether it's a high.

    Of course one enormous difference is the price. A pack of 20 sticks for the CBFM costs ??20, and even if you only use 10 a month that's still a tenner, and you've got the outlay of the CBFM to make up for.

    The CBD sticks come in packs of 7 and if your cycles are quite regular you can possibly make that last two months.

    Overall I think the biggest advantage of the CBD over the CBFM is that you're not tied down to POAS every day to get it to work. I find that the CBFM makes me more obsessed (but then that's just me!)

    Hope that was some use. Didn't know they were on offer, I'll hunt them down.

    Good luck with whichever you go with image

    Becky x
  • Thanks for you replies girlies, i think i might try them this month and then see what happens, if not then i will seriously think about investing in a CBFM after xmas. Both times i have gotton pg i have never used opk's - the first was whilst on the pill and the 2nd was 1st month off the pill (not trying but not being careful) i think this is why i was so upset to see the BFN this month (Stupid i know)

    Jodie xx
  • it is very useful to know though, but i don't tend to let hubby know until after, he feels pressurised to perform otherwise! i've in fact investted in some cbd ones this month as well, mainly cus of like beccaroo says and as i had 10 highs last month! (most i've had before is 2!!) and it was hard work! plus i think i used up all the swimmers too early! lol, so if i get a lot this motnh i can test eves too and know which day will be my peak. xx
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