First AF after mc

Afternoon ladies!

Hope this finds you well on this wet and miserable saturday.

As most of you already know I had a natural mc over xmas and because my body took a while to get back to normal (hormones to drop etc...) I seem to have bled (sorry for tmi) on and off for 6/7 weeks (nice).

Now my first AF since the mc has arrived (slightly pleased to see her - body getting back into a cycle) but have found that it is pretty heavy and have a massive headache to go with it, skin is awful (think spotty teenager) - just wondered if you experienced the same??

Love MrsH xxx


  • Hi Mrs H

    Sorry to hear of your loss- at christmas too image

    I experienced the worst spots ever after mine- I've never had this before, although it could be conected to the Clomid I used last month. I found "witch" concealer really good - just a medicated concealer, but it really brought them down. My first af wasn't a big deal in terms of blood loss though- suppose everyones different.

    Hope you're coping ok with everything and I hope you get some lovely news soon image

    Emma xx
  • Hi Emma,

    Thank you for your kind reply image

    Will definitely check out that concealer, thank you for posting.

    Coping ok thanks hun, just have the odd down day still, hard as I have two pregnant friends at mo, but hey I am positive our turn will come again soon image

  • Good- glad you are as ok as you can be. It is really hard- I have never come accross such a baby-boom as there seems to be right now, but then I suppose we don't know what struggles they may have had etc.

    I'm also finding it really hard too- especially working with a person who was "devastated" to find she was having a second boy- grrr!!

    I agree - our turn is definately coming up!!

  • Hi Hun, after my last mc I'm pretty sure my AF was heavier than normal. I've now received a leaflet after the current mc and it also says in there to expect a heavier AF after it too so I would say that it's pretty normal.

    Also, on the spot side my skin has been terribke since the last mc and continued after I got the BFP, so I'm just ensuring that I'm cleansing my skin at night as well as it the morning.

    Hope you're able to start feeling better soon

  • Emma - oh the worries of some people! Can't ever imagine being devestated about having a 2nd girl right now!! (((((hugs))))

    Rainbow - Thanks hun, nice to hear I am 'normal', I am pretty good with my skincare routine, so am putting it down to hormones. How are you doing huni??? (((Hugs)))))

    Thank you both for replying, means alot to ask questions and know people will have the answers.
  • Mrs H. Sorry I am not responding to your question but I am not in a position too yet. I just thought you may be able to help me out. I had a D+C on the 4th of Feb, the baby died at 10weeks and 4 days. It is 25days since my operation and I am still bleeding, it is almost 4 weeks now and I haven't had a day where I haven't been bleeding, some days heavy, some days very light. I had a blood test on Monday and my hormone levels were 88 dropping from 116 three days earlier. I read your post about bleeding for almost 6/7 weeks and now getting you AF. How long were you not bleeding for before AF came. It is only that the hospital gave me antibiotics cause they think I have an infection, since taking the tablets my bleeding turned to very light spotting for two days and now has got heavier, like AF would be, I have awful skin and tummy pains, I am wondering if this is my AF or I am just still bleeding irregular. I dont think my hormones have come down to 0 yet they said it would be about another week for that can it be my AF if not back to 0? Just up the wall with all this just after a bit of advice really as your situation seems similliar to mine.

    Sorry I cant help you out though, hope everything is ok.
  • Hiya my first AF was very heavy and I felt like I was constantly changing pads but I was pleased to see it! Also felt very very hormonal - suffer from babd PMT anyway! Hopefully next month will be less heavy and preferably not show up until 2011!!!
  • Hi huni,

    Sorry to hear what you have been through image
    I think I had about a week and a half of no real bleeding before AF came. I had my last bloods on 18th Feb and my levels were 7 so about a week later AF came and I guess they had dropped to 0.
    I also asked EPU if I could have a period with levels of between 20 - 50 cos I had a break from the bleeding and then it started again and I wasn't sure if that was AF but they couldn't really give me an answer except that some woman have periods all the way through pg which wasn't very helpful!

    I am sorry that everything feels so uncertain for you, I know that feeling only too well. Seeing AF was definitely a relief as the mc seems to have gone on for 2 months all in all.

    Not sure I have really helped but hope you are ok xx
  • Hi Muffin,

    Thank you for replying, am starting to think that the 'heavyness' is pretty normal so will just have to ride it out. Hopefully after this month I won't see darling AF for a long time image

    I know what you mean about hormonal, just been to Toys R Us to buy my nephew's pressies and hubs fell in love with a beautiful dumbo cuddly toy and wanted to buy it for our future babes - nearly had us both in tears!!

    Love MrsH xx
  • I had an ERPC - my 1st AF was much heavier than normal and lasted for a couple of days longer (bleeding for about 5 - 6 days). I also had bad cramping a couple of days before starting AF.
  • Hi i also mc over the christmas, i was due July, I didn't have a d+c, i opted to allow it to happen naturally. I passed clots for 2 days and bled for another 3 days only. AF arrived 33 days after the mc started but only lasted 2 days. I also have had bad problems with my skin since then, i keep breaking out in spots when normally i never get any. I'm now awaiting my second AF, its overdue i have a CBD bought in but don't know whether to test now or wait it out as my cycle is probably still messed up.??
  • Hi Mrs H,

    Glad af is here but not that it's a bad one! My first period was very bad, woke up in night from such bad cramps but thankfully not been like that since x x
  • Morning all!
    Thank you for all your responses.
    Emer - I am sorry to hear that you too were having a dreadful xmas, I am sure it is normal for your cycles to take a while to settle down, I am almost expecting this even though I was very regular before my mc.

    Thankyou ccbmommy for the reassurance that all is ok.

    Hi MP - good to see you flower image My certainly hasn't been as bad as yours was, no bad cramps etc... seems to be heavier at night and skin still spotty but hey after the mc I can get through anything!

    Hugs to you all xxxx
  • Hi MrsH

    Hope your getting on ok, glad to hear AF has arrived & cycles will hopefully get back to normal, I always find AF is much heavier & painful after a mc so hope she eases up soon for you. xxx
  • Thanks Laujai,

    Think I am through the worst, Hubs had been really sweet as I continue to moan about my spotty face!!

    Just hope cycles settle down now and go back to being as regular as they were before mc, think I might invest in some ov sticks this month so I don't miss the window!

    Hope you're ok hun xxxx
  • I have been suffering with terrible skin - my hands are actually scaly!!! Witch concealor is brilliant. I have been bleeding lots but gave had a headache for 3 days - ugh!!

    Hope everyone is feeling ok today xxx
  • Hi MrsH, glad to hear AF has finally arrived, i cant wait to get mine, mind you still bleeding at the mo. It is a good sign to show that everything is back to normal and you can start ttc again

    Good luck

  • oh god i hope not...i know bodies take a while to get back in cycle but if my cycle gets back to 28 days my AF is due the weekend of my wedding :\( i'm going to be changing pads every 5 mins in a white dress aren't i?! x
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