Help please!!!!! Update.... 12 days late..... BFN!!!!!!

Well I am CD33 today AF due CD35 so did a test two days early and got a BFN!!!! I only took the test as going to Alton towers so needed to know if pg or not. I used CB test but not fmu..... Never used CB before, are they sensitive? It was the only one left in the shop. Is it too early orcshould I give up? Still no AF yet so not going to test again until Thursday if no sign of her. Have had a load of symptoms but still BFN..... With last pg only got a faint positive when three days late. What do you think?

On a different note had a lovely day at Alton towers with my little niece x

well have done four tests all clear bfn. One with fmu day af was due and one when a day late, now five days late and still nothing!!!!!!! Does not feel like she is coming either. Was really dry for a few days so thought she was coming but no !!!!!!! Now I am getting lots of creamy White cm??????? I am off to Prague tomorrow for hubbys birthday I going to test again in the morning if bfn just going to enjoy the break and see doc when I get back if no sign. So frustrating I just want to know either way!!!!!:roll:

Doctor was a waste of time, just said re test and if negative just wait for period to show up, sometimes this happens!!!!! So did a fr test and BFN, not even a hint of a line... So defo not pg as I am almost two weeks late now and would be almost six weeks gone, so something would show!!!! Back to the drawing board think we are just going to bd every other night and see what happens x

well 10 days now and still no sign of AF...... Last tested at five days late and bfn, had a lovely five day break in Prague So have been busy and tried to put it at the back of my mind..... I am going to test again Monday morning at 12 days late, if still bfn going to go and see the doc!!!! Been really badly bloated and constipated all week, no other symptoms though..... My sil just recently got her bfp but only when 4 weeks late?????? It's killing me cause I keep thinking there may be a chance, I just want to know either way!!!!

How is everyone?

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  • Getting close now CD34 and still no AF!!!!! Roll on Thursday. Really hoping I am one of those who gets an early BFN followed by aBFP x
  • Hi 3054, i've been checking to see if you'd tested. CB are notoriously unsensitive, maybe get some first response or superdrug ones, they are definately better. CB don't tend to give positives until well after af was due. It's not over yet! Good luck for thurs and glad you enjoyed alton towers!xx
  • Thanks for the reply. I have heard bad things about the cb test but it was the only one in the shop yesterday so had no choice. Really not sure what is going on today I had to get hubbyvto pull the car over so I could be sick...... I don't feel I'll just the need to be sick every so often. Been like this for four days on and off so if hormones are making me I'll surley they should show on a test???????

    Anyway only have to wait till Thursday when I will be late !!!!!
  • I was wondering how you were getting on!

    So sorry to hear it was a BFN, but maybe too early, is good to know CB are a bit rubbish!!

    Loads of good luck for thursday, fingers crossed you get a BIG FAT BFP!!! xxx
  • Got my fingers crossed for you. And as the others have said CB tests are pretty insensitive hence I'm not going to use mine until a weeks time and use a superdrug one after all the fantastic results I've been getting on the eBay cheapies xx
  • I really hope so....... AF due tomorrow, I have a feeling I am going to be late...... going to get a SD test tomorrow to do Thursday morning. I have so many symptoms it is untrue, but the BFN has really knocked my confidence. All the symptoms gave me so much PMA, but totally all gone now...... My MMC was in Feb and my EDD in August, I reallly thought I would be PG again by now and seeing others getting their BFP is getting me down (please dont take that the wrong way, I love the fact that you have tour BFP's, I just want mine too!!!!!!)

    Anyway, going to see what happens tomorrow and then test on Thursday.
    CD35 tomorrow and 14DPO!
  • Well girls no sign of AF today she was expected today!!!! Not testing until tomorrow off to the shops to get a sd test one day late should give a good line on them!

    Feel crampy today so maybe af will show who knows but I am CD35 today so it has been a long cycle. Just a waiting game now but the bfn has knocked my confidence really expecting to go onto next month x
  • Hi 3054.. Clear blue only read from about 25Mlu of HCG..
    Superdrug reads from 10Mlu.. I used Superdrug to get my BFP.. then I did a Boots one and am now getting a pregnant 1-2 on Clear blue.

    dont be disheartened and good luck

  • Well CD38 today and still no sign of AF. Did a SD test with fun when one day late and still negative..... No idea what is happening but I just don't feel like I am going to get AF!!!!!!!! The wonderful world of ttc?????:\?
  • The wonderful world of TTC indeed!!! It messes with your head doesn't it!!! My cycle seems all over the place at the moment, doing my head in!! Hope you get the news you want soon sweet. Zxx
  • Hiya hun
    Ahh hormones don't you just love em!
    Im late too - this is first AF though so not reading too much in to it. Im on CD 31 now but usually have 26-30 day cycles. I was only 7ish weeks when mc'd so didnt think my cycles would be too bad.

    Not really got symtoms myself, just feel fat and spotty. Urgh!

    Have a wonderful time in Prague! Ive been twice and love it there - definately take out a rowing boat on the Vltava? river. Really good fun! Tehe!
  • hey hun, how ya doing? apart from the obvious stress! do you know when u ov'd this cycle? my body really has been al over the shop with cycle lengths since the mc, xx
  • hi sweet, was just thinking the same as rocky... I'm not sure if I have ovulated or not this month, makes 4 a very confusing time!! Zxx
  • I feel your pain. Im now 3 days late and no af or BFP. As if mc/mmc isnt bad enough we then have to put up with irregular cycles :\(

    I have my fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • Just replied to this on ttc (((hugs)))
  • Some people don't get their BFP till a little later hun! Although i know that doesn't make it any less frustrating!!

    I have my fingers crossed for your BFP hun!!
  • Hiya hun
    im waiting for 1st AF after mc. Im now on CD38 but i used to have a 26-29 day cycle. Did pg test t cd28 but BFN im testing again in the morning with FMU.
    Good luck honey! Hope you anjoyed Prague!
  • Aw you poor thing, the waiting is just horrible, it's all you can think about. Soooooo hope that it's a shy bean and you get your BFP soon!

    Good luck for monday, hope you can stay sane til then!! Glad you've had a fab holiday, fingers crossed your next update is super good news!! xxx
  • Hi Hun, I would test if I was you? I think the hormone would be showing by now. Give it a bash and hopefully it's bfp! Good luck Hun. X
  • Hey 3054!
    I got a shy line this morning!!! Really nervous as it will be first cycle since mc but its definately a BFP! Sooooo hoping you are going to join me over in the DIs. I dont know which one ill be in yet!
    Keeping fingers crossed for you honey!
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