May TTC - 4 BFPs!

Here's the updated list, hope I haven't missed anyone out!
Please drop me a message if you'd like me to add you on.
Good luck and babydust to everyone!

Elli79 - 19th May --------------------------------> BFP!!!!
Srus2710 - May 20th ---------------------------> BFP!!!!
Babysteps - May 22nd -------------------------> BFP!!!!
Breighlin - 23rd May
Sian490 ----------------------------------------------->BFP!!!!
Fairythalia - 28th May
Leanne79 - 30th May
Lampiekat - 31st May
Babsplease - 31st May
Jess - 1st June
Lady188 - 1st June
Rocky - sometime in May tbc!

Modified for Sian490 as requested!
Good luck for all June TTCs xx

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  • hi, not even sure what my cycles are after my d&c in april but i had some spotting/light bleeding for a day on 25th April so i'm going to class that as cd1 so i will be testing on or around the 20th may.
  • Hi there, please can I join in. I had MMC on the 4th of Feb, I have been through hell and back since then getting my body back to normal, including going back on a mini pill to try and regulate my bleeding. Finally I think I am back to some sort of normality.........

    We have been away on holiday for 10 days and I got 2 smiley faces whilst away, all be it on what I thought was CD10 and 11, so quite early, despite this we BD around all the right time whilst away, so fingers crossed......

    not getting to excited as my cycle is still all over the place but you never know.

    I think I am CD16 today, 9DPO, no idea when AF is due so I am going to leave it until Wednesday to test as this will be 2 weeks past OV and I am going to see Peter Kay so need to know if I can have a drink or not.....

    Yesterday and today I have been feeling funny, cramps in lower tummy and lower back pain...... could be AF on her way........

    Strangley enough though I had a tiny bleed on the second night I got my smiley and I had a tiny pink colour to some discharge last night (Sorry TMI), these are perfect timing for a OV bleed and and implant bleed............. never got these before, or it could be my body still trying to get back to normal....... who knows

    Anyway, best of luck to all in May, lots and lots of baby dust to everyone, here is hoping to a lucky month ximage
  • Hi Babysteps,

    I've just finished my first AF after MC and so BDing again.

    Could you put me down for testing on the 31st May please, AF is supposed to be due on 29th May so will leave testing for a few days after hoping that she doesn't turn up at all.

    Wishing everyone lots of luck

    Make an ovulation ticker
  • Hi Ladies

    Could you put me down for 16th May please, keeping fingers crossed but I think I missed the boat again this month, I have had 4 m/c now and this is my 6th month of ttc.

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Kazzie1234, I am due to test on the 13th, not long before you. I too had a MC 12 weeks ago, body has been all over the place since!!!!!! Not holding out to much hope, but I suppose there is always a chance!

    Not sure when AF is due, but somewhere around the 15/16th, but do go out on the 13th so going to test then to see about drinking......

    lots of luck x
  • My af is due on the 22nd of may, but am determined not to test till the day after. We are taking a bit more relaxed approach to it all. We do the deed about 2 or 3 times a day (don't ask me where I find the time) and we have a lot of fun. We sometimes are using the wrong positions, but we just don't want to focus to much on it.

    Anyways, I am feeling so much better lately and if it doesn't happen this month we are ready to do it another time. Going out next weekend and hope to drink a few, even though I know I might be pregnant, but can't put my life on hold forever. image
  • Hi girls
    I would love to join but still no official AF since MC 9 weeks ago however i did have spotting on 1st May so am going to take that as CD1 so can you put me down for testing on 30th May. Am off to docs to have bloods taken to see if everything is ok so will keep you all posted. Hope this is a lucky month for lots of us . Thanks leanne
  • Hi Babysteps, can you put me down for testing on May 20th please? AF's due on 18/19th, but i don't want to test too early and get get another BFN.
    I had a MMC in January, and haven't really been on here much lately. This is the first month since that i think i've had a really good chance of a BFP, have been BDing regularly through the cycle, so, fingers crossed!
    Good luck everyone!!
  • hey Babysteps, not at all hun! i think the luck i brought with the bfps on the last thread is due for renewal! lol. i will hopefully have a tetsing date in the next few days for you to add! as soon as i do i'll be posting madly! it's been a couple of months sin ce i've been able too! haven't had a 'full' cycle since at least march time! stupid body, which is hopefully fixed now! ha ha. hope everyone is well! xx
  • Hi Babysteps

    Can you add me in please ... testing the last day of May providing AF gets the hint and stays away ... fingers crossed to all

  • Hey Babysteps,

    Lets hope this is a lucky one for many of us!! (if not all) image

    I'm testing on 28th May xxx
  • Hi girls how everyone doing?

    I'm madly symptom spotting which I know is naughty. I'm really thirsty and have gone off even the thought of wine completely (very unlike me). I think my (.)(.) feel different too but it could all be in my head?!

    I'm trying not to think about things too much until the 22nd and have no tests in the house whatsoever so I can't poas early.

    Hope you are all doing OK or at least having fun trying x
  • Hi girls, hows everyone getting on?
    3054, good luck with testing today, i've got my fingers crossed for you!
    Babysteps, i've gone into overdrive on the symptom spotting this month. I've had a few stomach cramps/pains, but i'm not sure if they're low enough to get excited about. However, i'm getting excited about every little ache i get!
    Also, i mananged to mix up my testing date, AFs due 18th, so i'll hopefully be testing 19th.
    Hope this is another lucky thread!
  • Hi girls

    I have been dithering about whether to join up to this or not... I just had my mc on 23rd April, however it completed within a week and bleeding stopped. So we have been ttc straight away.

    I have been told that me af might take up to 8wks to arrive and I've promised OH I won't test if nothing arrives within 8wks.... like I'd ne able to stick to that!!!

    Have no idea of my cycle but I will be testing on 30th if AF hasn't arrived
    by then.
    Not relying on a BFP but keeping my fingers crossed!

    Good luck ladies!

  • I've chickened out of testing today, I had a think about it and today is CD26, although it is two weeks today since I OV this would be a short cycle for me, before my MC I was 30/31 CD. So instead of seeing a BFN I am going to wait until next week and if nothing then I will test........

    My cycle is still all over the place and I have no idea when to expect AF. I have had some tiny bouts of spotting over the last two weeks, really only tiny, every four days or so, just once each day.

    Not holding out much hope, but to be honest I would behappy to see AF as well as a BFP as either way it means my body is getting back to some sort of cycle.......

    I will test next Wednesday 19th if no AF by then. Just Hope I actually get an AF if no BFP!!!!

    Dont you just love being female!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • I have mixed feeling today...

    I'm excited because today I got my 'peak fertility' three bar reading on my CBFM, it's our first month using it, so lots of BDing over next few days. image

    But.. we also got the results of DH recent semen analysis today and the % of abnormal forms has increased :\( Last time he was tested in Dec 2009, he had 18 million, 12% of which were normal. Now he has 20 million but only 2% are normal.

    I'm trying to stay positive though, we've got pregnant three times before in spite of the odds. Our beans didn't stay with us for long but we still made beans and 2% of 2 million means 40,000 normal sperms!
    So its not impossible!

    Fingers crossed! x
  • Hi

    Just updated the list again so hope it looks OK now. How wonderful would it be for a few BFPs this month? OMG I get excited even thinking about that!

    I know what you mean 3054, I was only thinking today how much we put our bodies through, it seems a little uneven to me when all the bloke has to do is show up!! Sorry that reads a bit harsh! I love my OH dearly and I know he cares as much as I do but you know what I mean!

    Anyway I'm trying not to turn into a mad symptom spotter Elli79!. Sorry to hear about the test Fairythalia, but as you said it's not stopped you getting PG before and with lots of PMA I'll be thinking of you.

    Nite all xxx
  • I think AF is here, well if not here she is defo on her way!!!!!!
    For the past two weeks I have had slight colour to my CM, just maybe twice a day and nothing more, today this is much more red and doesn't seem to be going away this time, seems to be here all the time.......

    However it is not full flow, nothing in my knickers, as I am on knicker watch! Think AF is just slow in coming, I have no doubt it will be full flow any time now.

    Despite this meaing I am not PG I am not too upset as I am CD27 today, which if I get full flow tomorrow I will have had a normal 28 day cycle and it would appear that everything is back on track and reasy to go next month........ I suppose I am just relieved to be TC again and know that it will happen, just not sure when x:lol:

    Anyway if AF arrives tomorrow and I call CD1 I will OV around the end of this month so there is still chance yet!!!!!

    Good luck all, going to stick around to see how you all get on x
  • heya,
    well since my mc at xmas my cycles have been an average of 40 days instead of my usual 28! which means i dont actually have a testing day this month, i'll be testing on 2nd June, but you could put me down anyway?? lol.
    hope we get lots of BFPs again this month!
  • Well, I got way too excited, af was a day late, I tested and got a great big BFN (again!!) then about an hour after she showed up...Grrrr!!
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