Getting confused???????????????

I still have no real idea about my cycles yet, despite my MMC being in Feb as I have been all over the place since.

I had 6 smiley faces on CB digital so no idea when I ovulated but according to that I am somewhere between 9-13 DPO and around CD20 (only guess work) for the last three days or so I have had a lot of really white CM, quite thick, I have been feeling really wet down below (sorry TMI) and then today I have been having really sharp pains in my right side, close to the groin and terrible lower back pain. I have now just realised that my CM this evening is brown, it is way to early for my AF and I dont every get anything befor AF, it just normally starts with a full flow, however with my last pregnancy I didn't get any implantation signs, no idea what this is....... I didn't want to start symptom spotting, but looks like I am!!!!!!!!

Any ideas if this is a good sign or a bad sign? It is very light brown coloured, but until today it was really white.

Why do I make this already difficult process so much harder for myself by trying to second guess everything?????????????????:\?


  • Hey, I can't really offer any advise as like you I never had implantation bleeding with my pregnancy. And like you I was symptom spotting last month when I said I wouldn't! Mine turned out to be AF.

    Fingers crossed it's an implantation for you!!

    Drives you mad all this second guessing doesn't it!

  • Sounds really positive!!

    When I got my BFP (which sadly ended in MMC), I had implantation, on the fri was red/pink CM, saturday it was brown and on the sun, nothing so tested and BFP! I wasn't really sure when I ovulated but think it was about 10dpo.

    It sounds about the right timing for implantation!

    Fingers and toes crossed for you!! Let us know what happens!! xx
  • Thanks for the replies guys, still a little bit of brown CM today....... but I have no other symptoms what so ever......... I keep prodding my boobs to see if they are getting sensitive, but nothing. Dont know why I am driving myself cray as with my last BFP I had no symptoms what so ever until about a week after my BFP.

    Anyway, just going to keep holding off until AF arrives around the 10th of if no show then will do a test, really dont want to see a BFN, would rather just get AF.

    8 days and counting......................:lol:
  • Brown today is still sounding good for implantation.

    Take it easy on the SS! Even if you had some symptoms, you could still find a way to convince yourself the AF is on the way when it is really BFP! (or the other way round!)

    Good luck with the wait - stay strong!! x
  • Well after two days of very light brown creamy CM I seem to have gone back to white again, really is quite alot of it though, so much so that I keep thinking Af has arrived but when I go to check, nothing but white CM?????????

    I feel bloated but not much else, still waiting until around the 10th-13th of June to test if no AF, last time I got a BFP I was going to a friends wedding from work so trested before I went so I knew waether to drink or not and got a BFP....... Friday the 11th of June I go to another wedding for work colleague.................... could it be fate????????

    No other symptoms at all yet though, no real idea where I am in my cycle, but the 10th will be about 20DPO so that should be long enough for hormones to show if they are there?:\?
  • oh i hope it is a BFP u really deserve it hun

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