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hey hun! just wondering whats is going on with you? are you ok?how is everything going? I think i remember that you had a scan how did it go? just worried about you. image


  • ooohhh i was thinking about an FAO post and i spotted this one! good work gussie! image JJJJOOOODDIEEEEE where are you hun? let us know ur ok! xxx
  • lol! no prob rocky just alittle worried shes usually around here!
  • I've been on the look out for Jodie too, where are you hun?? xx
  • jodieeeeee?????
  • jodie i hope your ok hun!!
  • Hi Guys

    I am sooooooooo sorry for not being on much recently. Net probs again and have also been trying not to think of things too much.

    Well, went for my scan on saturday and i don;t know if you remember me saying that there were 2 tiny little blobs that they found last time, it turned out that my pregnancy started as a twin pregnancy, there were 2 sacs and the larger one had nothing in it, but the 2nd sac had a tiny bean and a heartbeat. They dated me at about 6 weeks, but said it was too early to give me an EDD. Things seem so uncertain at the moment as to what will happen with the empty sac, whether i will pass it or whether my body will absorb it so i am still so worried every time i go to the toilet i am expecting to find blood. They think that the bleed was implantation, and they have said that the odd bit of pink CM (which i had been having) is nothing to worry about, unless it becomes bright red and alot. They are not going to scan me again now until my dating scan unless there is a problem. My GP has been absolutely fantastic, he is going to ask if i could have my dating scan a little sooner given the fact that i had a mmc at 9-10 wks last time, i asked his opinion on getting a private scan and he said that it would probably make me more anxious. On a good note my boobs are really sore (although enormous!) have been v tired and this last week my nausea has got worse, i still stick by the comment i made about not caring if i felt sick for the whole 9 months!

    I am so grateful for all of you support girls and sorry if i made anyone worry, i didn't mean to, it has just been alot to take in this past week. Although the 2 weeks waiting for the scan were absolute torture.

    I will have a good read through the forum now and catch up!

    Jodie xxx
  • Jodie hun so good to hear from you, weve had various FAO posts for you, glad you saw this one.

    Im so sorry you lost a twin sweetheart im sure your other little beany will be just fine I know it doesnt stop you worrying though. Glad your GP is looking after you & hope you get that dating scan a bit earlier.

    A lady in ltttc has lost a twin & is past 12wks with the other lo now, she has had brown spotting which is possibly to do with the mc of the other little beanie.

    Keeping everything crossed for you my lovely xxxx
  • Thanks laura, i am sorry i have missed posts, i am trying my best to think positive, but i can't seem to let myself enjoy this stage.

    Jodie xxx
  • Hi Jodie, so good to hear from you hun. So sorry to hear you lost a little twin ((hugs)) but it's wonderful that they found a little heartbeat. I know you will be constantly worried, it's only natural but we're all here for ya every step of the way! xx
  • whoop whoop! glad to see you hun! and although am sorry to hear about the twin i'm v pleased that the other lil bean seems to be settling in well! i ahvemt had much chance to get on lately but was getting worried that things weren't ok! eak! def keep us posted hun! xxx
  • jodie!!!! i was so worried about you! im glad to hear form you, sad to hear about your twin but very happy to hear the other little bean is doing ok. when is your next scan? with all my prayers heading your way! *hugs*
  • hey Jodie
    I am glad to hear that you are ok. I was worried about you. I;m sorry to hear about your twin. I'm sure this must all be a blur for you... speak soon babe xx
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