Really disappointed

I posted yesterday saying I was convinced I was pregnant again just over 5 weeks from my natural mc. I caved in today and tested with FR and it's BFN. I have the exact same symptoms I had when pregnant before and with my son and there is no sign of AF so my body has been playing a cruel trick on me basically. I feel so deflated now as it's back to square one - waiting for AF before i can even try again. I just wish she would hurry up and appear now. Sorry for miserable post!


  • awww hun, sorry to hear you got a bfn, could it maybe be just to early to pick up yet?

    ((((((hugs))))) there's nothing worse than being stuck in limbo, hope you know what's happening one way or the other soon xx
  • Awww sorry to hear that honey. This ttc lark can be a right arse can't it
  • Hi Emma
    sorry to hear about the bfn.
    Hope you are ok.
    sending you love & (((hugs)))
    netti x
  • I am sorry, try to remember the first af can take a while to arrive and if you are pg then it may take a little longer to show because you ov will have been messed up by the mc. It is so frustrating waiting for the first one. I did initially feel deflated when she showed up but after I got over that I was really releaved because it just felt like my body was going back to normal again. Hope you get some news either way soon xxx
  • im sorry hun about the bfnimage
  • awww virtual hugs xxx
  • Hey there, I know how you feel this has happened to me each month since my mmc. Its only because we all want this so much that the disappointment is so great. You body will get back to its cycle again before you know it. Big hugs xx
  • Thanks girls. I think she might be on her way now - I can feel some cramps starting. I will be so relieved when she does come so that we can ttc again properly at last.
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