FAO Littleminx

Hi Honey
Is everything ok?
Love Gecko x (Mrs A x)


  • Hello My love,

    Im fine couldnt get on here last night as was out all night, been dying to get on here! How come the name change? how you feeling? are you crazy like me and still testing? still cant quite believe it and just trying not to get my hopes up too much, symptoms are a plenty tho! but had that with last 2, so just willing away the next 8 weeks...no make that 38!!! te he,.

    Its not that Im pessimistic just trying to hold back so that I wouldnt be as disapointed if it isnt to be this time too..Im so scared!

    How you feeling?

    Lots of love Luc xxx
  • http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs277.snc1/10434_175697575464_585075464_4002531_2267076_n.jpg

    Yup still testing like mad although used my last SD test today, are you still testing? When is your EDD? I'm ok very tired and boobs are very tender. Changed my name because my BM found my BFP post. So if you change the post name to FAO Gecko I would really appriciate it.

    Any plans for the weekend, I'm working.

    Love Cx
  • Hey hun glad to see im not the only 1 addicted to POAS! I bought another 8 yesterday! im tired boobs tender and really nauseous! so great all round!!!! will change name now, sory youve got to work, Im going to party tonight got to come up with excuse why not drinking, then just chilling! hope work goes ok Love Luc xxx
  • 8, that's a lot! I figured my line can't really get any darker but I've got a few ebay cheapies in the house to use if I feel the need! Might treat myself to a CBD after payday though! All your symptoms sound great, I'm just tired with sore boobs and a lot of stomach acid! Did you find the email button?

    Love Cx
  • Hey hun, 8 wont last long I have a couple of the cbd 2 and various others! as like to see the weeks going up! Hope works been ok...Ive been doing some serious tidying, buying clothes for a living means my wardrobe is overflowing! Still searching for the button!!!! Still cant believe we both got our BFPs! loads of love Luc xxx
  • Luc are you ok? Not seen you about for a few days?

  • Hey hun Im fine! thanks for asking, my boss has been off all week and Ive been working really long hours to compensate! Im properly shattered!!!! how are you doing? how are your symptoms? I sent you an email, but will have to get up in the attic to get the info to send you over the weekend, sent a couple of pics today, the time is going so slow, I havent got my docs appointment till a wk friday! guess thats good tho as hopefully by the scan I should all things being well be able to see more, any news from your doc on scan appointment? love Luc xxx when you planning on taking the CBD? XXX
  • I'm seeing the midwife on wednesday and she should sort out the scan appointments then with EPU, I get paid on wednesday so will do the CBD then! Hopefully your appointments will go well! I found an answer PG test on Tuesday so I did it and what a shock, then test line came up in seconds before the control line and was so thick! I've never seen a clearer BFP! So happy! Feeling a little more positive today.

    Love Cx
  • hey hun, glad you got your strong +ve, I bet you cant wait till weds! Ive got a bit of a longer wait, and completely failed to consider that when I see the doc on fri the epu will be closed so I may not even be able to get into the hospital the following week, but I did get the magic 3+ today so chuffed! came up so quick too! did a tesco 1 first to check the concentration so that I didnt waste a ??10 1! got to stop my POAS addiction..the way I see it is the less money I spend on tests the more I can spend on bean when it gets here! have a lovely weekend hun, Ive got people staying this weekend so not sure how much I'll be able to get on here as trying to keep it a secret! How did you get on at your mums? did you tell her? Lots of love Luc xxx
  • We told my Mum and she is really happy and very excited! She's decided she's going to buy us a crib, carseat and loads of clothes! This baby is going to be well and truly spoiled! Have you told your Mum yet?

    Tomorrow I'm seeing my SIL who is 27 weeks pregnant, 6 weeks ahead of what I would have been!

    Congratulations on the 3+

    Love Cx
  • Hey C how did it go with SIL? was it all ok, must have been tough even though you know you are going to be a mumy in less then 8 months time. has your weekend been ok? how are you feeling now?

    Have you decided on what carseat and crib etc that you want? I told my mum today she lives in France and even though she is coming over in a weeks time just had to tell her, she was so upset when we had the miscarriage, and I know its on her mind alot, so just wanted to give her some good news!like hubby shes a little reserved and wants to make sure everything is ok before we get tooooo excited

    Lots of love Luc xxx
  • Hi Luc, I absolutely shattered my energy levels are zero atm, my boobs are more sore today. Still not very nauceous, why do I want to feel sick?

    Felt a little sad seeing SIL with her bump, but I'm ok. She bought us a few pressies, a Roo hooded towel and outfit. I was strong and looked at her scan pics.

    I want the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix in Black Reflection and the swinging crib from Mothercare, not that I've looked much.

    It's hard to be positive isn't it! How are you doing? What symptoms have you got atm? Midwife in 3 days!

    Love Cx
  • Hey C, sounds like its been a busy weekend, no wonder you are shattered also emotionally exhausted I expect! hopefully seeing SIL next time will be a lot easier...

    Feeling exhausted is a good sign anyway! Im shattered boobs hurt, feel sick if I dont eat literally all the time, weeing loads through day and night! emotional wreck(possibly not pregnancy related!!!! te he) mood swings (again might not be pregnancy related!!!) just generlly feeling not myself energy levels low! does obsessively window shopping for prams count as a symptom!!! if so have that in buckets! its such an important purchase want to get it right!

    Thats the car seat I want 2 and also the crib I wanted before deciding that a moses basket would be more practical...just think I could use it up and downstairs through day when needed too not such a big fan of the moses baskets but seen a nice 1 in john lewis ....te he sounds like your as bad as me!

    Hope you are looking after yourself

    Lve Luc xxx
  • Hi girls sorry to GC your thread - just wanted to say congrats to you both, you guys really deserve this hope everything goes well for you both xx
  • Thanks DangerMouse, how are you doing?

    Luc, I've decided not to bother with a Moses Basket as they grow out of them in 3-4 months, I plan to use the pram for naps during the day. I've been bad and ordered a few sleep suits from next! One is white and says "Cool Like Daddy" I think hubby will love that! Got a feeling this baby is a boy! Any feelings yet?

    I've not done anything all day, feel so lazy and wiped out!

    Love Cx

    PS Obsessive window shopping is definately a sympom!
  • Thanks DM, really hope you get your sticky BFP soon, how are you doing? I know its been really tough for you...

    Well Ive managed not to buy anything whatsoever!!!!(also read your post in Due in May) seems like you have been a busy bee already!!!! going to wait till after 20weeks as hard as thats going to be, especially as I work with clothes, If I can get them for free that doesnt count so I have a few bits that I havent bought!!!I like the mummy and daddy sleepsuits in mothercare, and the 1s in Next are adorable, and like their early sleepsuits as they have built in scratch mits (can you tell I havent done any research!) hope you are feeling less wiped out today, Im feeling so dizzy today, so tested just in case but got a strong BFP stronger then control so feel better for that.

    Well another reason for the moses basket was for nights away as easy to pop in car but really dont know!!! guess need to have a serious look as some of the travel cots are humongously large! so thought it would be easier we will see!!!Im not going to be online tomorrow night as its my bday so also wanted to wish you luck for Weds with the midwife, hope all goes well

    Love Luc xxx
  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow Luc, you'll be getting a Mummy card next year!

    Yes I was a busy bee last time! I went mad after seeing the HB as I was told I had 94% chance of everything being ok, so went for it. The Graco Ocean Travel Cot fold up really small btw, anyway you'll need a TC when your away when LO grows out of the Moses Basket.

    I love the Next and MC sleepsuits because of the scratch mitts.

    I've gone off meat, craving crunchy, bland food, especially salted Hula Hoops mmm.... Still feeling shattered and dizzy!

    Love Cx
  • hey hun, how did it go today with the midwife? you still feeling dizzy? I went to the docs yesterday morning as my dizziness was so bad turns out my blood pressure was extremely low...very common but doesnt make it any easier, gutted as saw the male doc and he really wasnt very understanding, the last doc I saw had said that as soon as I got a BFP to book an appt and they would sort out a plan of care with early scans, but when I said this to the doc he said to just relax and it would all be fine!!!!! as if its that simple, and that he would put a request in for an early scan but as it wasnt urgent it may not be possible! so now I dont know if I will get 1 or not...and just got to wait to see if I hear anything, if not I may go private as the next 6 wks are going to be too hard to get through...anyway Im babbling, was in Next looking at the sleepsuits today, and thanks for the advice on the travel cot hun...may have to opt for 1 of those instead!

    I want to hear all about today

    Love Luc xxx
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