BFP very scary

hi guys. its been three days of testing but my lines are getting darker and my dh agrees. I'm pg! I'm very nervous and keep worrying. its going to be a very long three months. hopefully my Christmas pudding stays in the oven and is ready for Christmas. good luck to everyone whose waiting!imageimage


  • Huge congrats to you its great to see another BFP it gives us all hope!!. Just out of interest how long have you been ttc since mc??? Its early days for me as still waiting for af after my mc early last month although opk said positive last sat so not sure what is going on may just try and hold off poas for a bit!!!! Anyway you take care and im sending you lots of sticky fairy dust to put in your recipe for your christmas pud xxx
  • Huge congrats to you hun!! Hopefully I'll be joining you in the xmas pudding club too! I'm also on my 3rd day of getting BFP's!!! It's lovely to see the line getting darker isn't it?
    I've decided I'm going to do CBD at the weekend and then pop over to DID when I'm feeling more brave, lol!!! Have you had any symptoms yet? x x x
  • Congratulations xx

    Understandable that you're very nervous as I will be too when I next get a bfp. Just try and take it easy for the first 12 weeks.

    Fingers crossed for you for you Christmas pud

  • congrats hun!!! i to am extremly nervious and scaried. its understandable i think. i have been counting each week (4days left ect...) in stead of months it help the time to 12weeks go faster image good luck hun!
  • thanks guys. to answer leanne, i had a mc in October 2009 at 10 weeks and to sugar and spice yes. i have huge sore breasts and keep getting heart burn and acid indigestion. thanks again to all of you. I'm going to stick around here for a while as i don't want to jinx anything*****good luck everyone******
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