hello girlies - how is everyone?

Haven't been on BE too much the last wee while, usually just check a couple of threads then give up to go to bed!! So rather than trying to catch up reading all the threads was just wondering how you're all doing?


  • I'm doing ok thanx hun. Just finishing 3rd AF since MC and it didn't seem quite so bad this time. And I haven't cried for over 2 1/2 weeks so that's pretty good! I was a very good girl and gave hubby every one of my tests in 2ww. very glad I did coz I def would have tested early and upset myself with bfn's if i'd had them, so will def be doing that again next month. have just booked a holiday for january to cuba!!! am very excited, as feel need something to look forward to as not going to be pg for xmas now.

    excited to hear your news about xmas eve scan date. hope you'll get your pics on line straight away so we can all see your xmas bean waving!!

  • Hey DM - lovely to hear from you!

    I'm cool, just kind of waiting until next af arrives (should be Saturday), then next week I will send off my next urine sample to Charing Cross, and if it comes back normal (better bloody had!) we will official be starting ttc!

    I'm feeling more human now and have lots of good days as opposed to lots of bad days (which is where I was about a month a go), although the mmc and ttc/becoming a mum are pretty much all I think about. But then that's only natural I suppose.

    It's weird cos I am very optimistic that my next pregnancy will go without a hitch, while at the same time I am convinced that it won't. But then again I suppose that that is natural too.

    All I can say is...roll on 2010!

  • hey hun! agree with Gems - update needed!

    on 3rd cycle after mmc, in 2ww now and not setting a test date as of yet as i feel calm, no ss yet eaither!!! OMG!!!! lol. dreading crimbo a bit but hey, as long as i am busy i'm not doing to bad. xx
  • Hey Dangermouse. How are you doing?

    I am still waiting for first af, now on day 34. Got a bfn yesterday,but am SS like mad. Never had that before, but noticed things about my body more than normal. (we have been naughty in the first few weeks) Got more good days than bad days, but still get really emotional about things. I am obsessed with getting pregnant again and I hope that will fade a bit.
  • Gems - can't believe you've given up your tests that takes willpower!! Bet you can't wait for your holiday to come round, I'm sure Cuba will be lovely I've never been but heard lots of good things and hey it'll be hot!! x

    Moonandstars - I'm glad you're feeling more positive, it is natural to worry after what you've been through but I have confidence your next BFP will be a keeper! Hope the tests come back quickly and all is back to normal x

    Rocky - good luck for this month, maybe you'll get the best christmas pressie in the shape of BFP - fingers crossed for you x

    Breighlin - hope AF pitches up soon - it's the one time you want the witch to appear so you've got your body back. It's understandable that you're still emotional - to be honest I still get sad about my lost beans too.

    I'm starting to get more excited now I've got my scan date (christmas eve woo hoo!) and haven't had any problems apart from 2 weeks of constipation boy am I glad thats over!! Have been pretty lucky symptom wise haven't been sick at all though I am nauseous mostly in evenings, I figure I deserve a sick free pregnancy.

    Will definately (try) to post scan pics asap though we are going to the in laws on Xmas eve so not sure when I'll get to BE...
  • Hey DM so lovely to hear you so excited about being pregnant. You sound so relaxed about the whole thing - you give us all a good example of how pregnancy should be!
  • DM! how are you hun??!! i am doing ok up to test this weekend however not feeling to positive about it, alittle sick right now with respitory infection image but feeling better. hows everything going cant wait to see pics!!!
  • Nice to hear from you DM and good to read everyone's update.

    We started TTC this month. I ov on Wed so we've been doing out bit since then! I'm due 23/24 Dec so plan to test then. I would SO love to get a BFP on Christmas Eve. How fab would that be?? I'm hoping I get pg quicker this time as it took 4 months before the mmc.

    Good luck with your scan!

    P.S. I had bad constiptation with my DS and no sickness - both were really good signs for me.

  • Gussie I hope you frecover soon and good luck for your test!!

    MakkaPakka - oh Xmas Eve testing how exciting?! I hope you get your BFP. Am also glad to hear you weren't sick with DS makes me feel bit calmer.

    Moonandstars - I'm glad I come across as calm I don't always feel it!! Am excited most of the time but still have moments of utter panic!

    Babydust to all xx
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