Hello ladies,

I don't post too often, but am an avid visitor! Well, I'm so frustrated with my body at the moment. Since my m/c in Sept I don't understand it any more image My cycle is currently around 8 weeks and has been since sept - so that means I only get half the chances of everyone else and then I also have absolutely no idea when I OV - all the signs I normally get have gone. I don't really want to go down the route of temping / sticks or CBFM as a) i'd be broke and b) I do want to be relatively relaxed about it. I do however have accupuncture every two weeks, which should have (and did) bring my cycles right down.

Then, I currently feel avec enfant (I can't write the p word) .... my boobs have been sore, are fuller than normal and I've been a bit crampy.oh and i've been drinking a lot more water (my wierd symptom of last time) ... I don't know what to think, I had a bfn before christmas and one again on sunday. then I had some (TMI alert) stringy cm before new year... but surely it would be too early to get the above symptoms (which i've had since NYE).

So sorry for rambling on and on but I'm so fed up, confused and frustrated.

thanks for reading Bx


  • Hi B

    Nice to see you again.

    Firstly I think the accupuncture is a great idea.

    8 wks at a time seems quite long have you asked your GP about it?

    So it sounds like either ov or avec infant (sorry love that phrase), if it was ov then would be too early to tell, did you have any other symptoms of ov earlier if you've had some symptoms earlier on? xxx
  • Hi Laujai,

    I haven't been to the drs perhaps I should - we've now been trying for a year, but don't know if that still counts as i did get pregnant?

    I tested before xmas, just in the hope that accupuncture had helped to get me back to a shorter cycle....

  • would just like to say that i had a complete mc at 12 weeks on 1 august this year and my first 3 cycles were approx 8 weeks each but this last one is due to be 32 (i track OV so can work it out!) it seems it's taken my body almost 5 months to sort itself out! xx
  • Thanks Rocky - that's so reassuring to hear of someone with a similar experience! Fingers crossed the next one is shorter (or even better a BFP)!
  • It's annoying but am glad that someone else experience is similar to your so you dont feel alone. (although a bfp would be nicer obviously)

    Mc messes up your body so much & affects everyone so differently, I have on 2 occasions waited a good 3 months or so for AF after mc & then it has settled back into a normal routine.

    Im sure the accupuncture will help I know several who have migrated to pg after having accupuncture to help with cycles.

    good Luck hun xx
  • thanks Laujai. I completely believe in accupuncture - it helped regulate my cycles earlier in the year, and I'd put my BFP in August down to it too.
  • That's great I might have to look into doing it as well, will try anything!! xxx
  • I've been really impressed - and I've gone to one who specialising in fertility so it's nice to speak to someone regularly who understands what we're going through and can offer support and advice - even when miscarrying.

    If you were interested, Zita West has a list of affiliated (poss wrong word!) accupuncturists on her website and I know they attend her training sessions quite regularly.

    Good luck!
  • Oh yes thanks for that im gona take a look in a bit. Im really interested in trying it now. I know 3 other ladies on BE who have had accupuncture & are happily flying through pg!!!

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