Should I do a HPT???

Hey ladies,

Well, my ERPC was 4 wks ago tmrw so hoping and hoping AF arrives this week.

I saw Babylove's post about negative HPT to show hormone level has gone down and wondered if I should do one?

The hospital didn't tell me to but am wondering if I should to see if it's all gone? Or should I just wait to see if AF turns up? If it does how will I be sure its AF or not something leftover??

And I'm scared if I do do it and its positive and we won't know what it means just yet and if somethings left having to go to hospital and all those awful things again.

Do you think its neccessary? Is it common practise to do this?

Sorry to ask such a silly question, I guess I really don't want to do it but it's playing on my mind.

I was 11+3 when baby died, could I still have hormones hanging around was as quite far on??

Thanks for any advice - fingers crossed for AF tmrw! xxx


  • Heya hun as far as i knew it was common practice to do one to check hormone levels have gone down.
    then when AF arrives you will know its def AF and not anything else.
    also as far as i knew if it still came up +ve after quite a while (even if u dont want to) you may have to go back to have another scan to check everythings ok.
    but if your Drs havnt told you u have to take one i guess it is ur choice hun image xxx
  • Hi Amber, I wasnt told to test by doctor. I wasnt really told anything about the "what next" part of the D&C.
    I only tested as we are ttc straight away and didnt want to do a test and maybe get confused as to if it was a BFP or still HCG from the last pregnancy.

    I think if you have had an ERPC you should be fine and I would wait unless you have been ttc. If you have I would test asap as it will prob be -ive then when you do get a +ive you will know its a real one.

    Does that make sence?

    Hope this helps xxx
  • No I wasn't told anything either and have so many questions, do I contact my gp? epu? the ward I was on? midwife? They kinda leave you stranded.

    I hadn't really thought about it til i saw you had done it babylove - and congrats on your BFN!

    We are ttc this month after AF although we did have UPSI a few times which doesn't really count! (I bet thats what preg teenagers say!)

    I think I should do one but really scared, i spent feb and march doing hpts and getting bfps, I think if I see a bfn, I'll just break!

    Thanks for your replies - should I use FMU or doesn't it matter in this case?? xx
  • Hey Amber

    I wasn't told to test but I did every few days after my mc. I got a negative about 2 weeks later I think. Like babylove I was delighted to see it, funny considering I'd always been praying for bfps before.

    Do a test to put your mind at rest. I'm sure af will turn up soon, but I was told it can take up to 8 weeks.

    I don't think it will matter when you test, but to be honest I don't know!

  • I dont think it would matter cause if you get a BFN in the afternoon it still means the HCG has gone down.

    My emotions were all over the place doin the HPT's. The first one I got a BFP and cried as I knew I wasnt really preg, then as you say when I got my BFN I was still upset (and happy). Its all so strange.

    As for ttc, I was told NOTHING!!!! So I will go with what the lovely ladies on here have said and have just gone for it. I prob wont get preg this month anyway although did fall on the 1st month the last 2 times. My friends say we are super fertile and OH says he has super sperm :lol:

    Dont forget it may take a few more weeks for af to appear :roll:

    Lots of luck
  • Yep, you're right, am gonna do it and get it over with!! Going to shop to get one and will be back with result in a while!

    Thanks for your advice! x
  • Oh and never updated my post but the BFN I thought I got was still a slight BFP when I looked closer but HCG is obvioulsy way down and thats all I need to know. If the line ever gets darker with another test I will know its a proper BFP.

    Good luck xxx
  • BFN!! Woooooooo!!!

    OMG that was so nervewracking, worse than actually testing!! Got a standard tesco HPT and could I get in the box?? Hadn't used one of those before and was reading it wrong and thought it was +ive, calmed down and realised was a very BIG and FAT negative, not even a hint at a line - so relieved!!!

    Am so pleased, thank you so much for your support in this girls!! Bring on the BDing!!

    You're right, no pressure with the AF, it'll come when its ready.

    Babylove, sounds like you are super fertile, remember your PMA!! We fell 2nd month doing smep which will be doing again this month, may even get a CBFM in a month or 2.

    Loads of luck and babydust for June!! xxx
  • Hooray for the BFN image

    Im looking forward to the BD'ing as when im preg I go completely off sex and as I got preg so quick before we never had much fun with it all ;\)
  • Lol!! Lets see if you're still saying that in a month's time!! Have fun! xx
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