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  • HI sara,

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better about it.

    I would strongly advice you to make a complaint. As you know I had an ectopic so i'm all but obsessed with hcg levels. It is sheer luck on their part that your hcg hasn't risen. If it had you could have been in serious difficulty,

    It is an absolute disgrace it's taken then 2 months to tell you x x
  • my experience is, if your having normal cycles and bleeding is back to your normal cycle, then more or less take it as your hcg is back to normal,

    high hcg normally stops this,

    good luck hun xx
  • Stories like this make me hate the NHS. How can they wait so long before telling you what they should have told you 5 days after the ERPC. 54 days to late they started. And than they tell you to wait another 6 months. I mean you could already have been pregnant, than what? :S

    You did a pregnancy test didn't you? If I remember correctly it was negative? Which is my opinion means that your levels should be normal. I hope the hospital agrees with you and let you start ttc as soon as possible, but they might be funny and tell you to wait atleast six months after the erpc date. :S
  • What a joke!!! Glad you hubby booked the apt for you & you were able to discuss with someone who knows what there on about!! I would persue a complaint for neglect if you could've become seriously ill because of there lack of correspondance then it's not on.

    Hope your levels come back ok so you can start again huni xxxx
  • I agree with what the other girls have said!! I would definately make a complaint!!

    Hope your levels are ok hun, big hug xx
  • ohhhh, i am so mad that you got such rottin care!!!i am however glad that you finally found someone that would answer your questions.i am sure your hcg is back to normal. *hugs*
  • Hey there

    Yes Breighlin I did a pg test about a week after the erpc and it was negative, then another on Monday and it was negative.

    I have also been ovulating normally, and have had normal periods, so I personally think my levels will be normal, and if not normal then very nearly normal.

    I am so glad that everyone else is as angry as I am about it! I was starting to think that maybe I was over reacting, or just being hysterical about it. I am definitely going to make a complaint as well as give the consultant a whole heap of pain on Monday. I could have got seriously ill because they had not followed up properly. Or pregnant again!

    Anyhow, I'm trying to stay positive at the moment - I will do my first set of samples on Monday with any luck so should know by Wednesday or Thursday, and then we shall see. Cross your fingers for me!

    You girls are all so lovely - imagine the biggest, loveliest bunch of flowers you have every seen and then imagine that they are a thank you present from me.

  • glad you're feeling a little better. I think you should complain too.

    We get a lot of clients at work who make jokes where they're only half joking that they'd rather come to us when they're ill coz the service is better. when we remove tumours from animals we call the client with histo results within 3 days usually. The process in the lab for histology is just the same for people, so I really don't see what the excuse is for how long it takes the NHS to tell people things like this. When my grandad had samples taken from possible precancerous lumps in his colon it took over a month to get results. I kept thinking the precancerous polyps will be bloody cancer by the time you tell us what's going on!!

    if people don't complain there's no reason for them to ever change.
  • 8 days before my wedding i got a call from my gp saying i had to have an immediate diabetes test, this was out of th eblue in july, Turns out from blood tests i had in feb! What's worse is that was girl next to me at hospital who was diagnosed with diabetes so think they mixed the blood samples up as i was fine! V scary x x
  • The NHS does my head in at the moment. My husband had a biopsy done from something in his ears. And he had an appointment to talk about follow up treatment and they lost his medical file :S Needed an appointment in about 2 weeks to redo it, first available appointment is halfway february. :O

    And than hearing this. Why do they take so long? Whilst other times they are speedy and lovely.
  • Hi hun I'm glad you've seen someone who has given you reliable and compassionatte information about your partial molar. I hope your results come back normal - since you had negative tests a week after the ERPC it sounds to me like your levels did go down within the 56 days. I hope your next appointment goes well and you don't have to wait too long to start TTc again xx
  • Hi again girls

    I totally agree - sometimes the NHS is great (for eg when your hubby gets off the train late at night, gets his wedding ring caught in the door and nearly amputates his whole finger), then other times they are absolutely horrendous. I have tried saying to myself things like "well you know, they are overstretched and it's a big hospital and it takes time for results to come through", but frankly they are all excuses and it's not acceptable for them to take so long to tell people information which is so critical to their health! Imagine if the fire brigade turned up two weeks after your called to tell them your house was on fire!!!

    Anyway enough of that rant.

    I should get my test kit through tomorrow, and will go on Monday to get my bloods done, so with any luck by this time next week I will have had my first set back. Then we will have to go from there, but am feeling fairly positive at the moment - having read other people's stories on the website Mafia gave me (thanks honey!) I think that if my levels were still high I would have known about it by now from becoming hideously ill!

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