my body being naughty or am I just wishful thinkin

Hi ladies,

I'm bored at work, and all I can think about is getting preggers, and now my body is playing tricks on me - so thought Id share and ask your opinions.

Bit if background if you don't know my story, (includes a bit of TMI!)

We lost our baby on 25th November at 16+6 weeks. I had to have the medical management but only had to have the one oral tablet before the induction started. I bled for roughly 7/8 weeks.

My first AF came on 5th Feb and lasted approx 5 days, on cycle day 11 I had a slight bleed just a bit of spotting for half a day.

Af was due today (fri) but on wed night we did a bit of the other, and I had a slight bleed afterwards (more slimy brown - sorry!!!!!). I thought AF was on her way and therefore I was out of the March testing. But I've had no bleeding since.

I did a First Response hpt test on thurs which was neg.

I'm desperately trying not to get my hopes up - but I can't help it.

I've been quite hormonal the last week, plus had a few little stabbing pains by my ovaries. Last thurs I was also very very very gassy! (sorry!) I usually get v bad period pains but I haven't had any yet - just these little stabing pains which I haven't had when any other AF.

I've been feeling a little bit sicky - but then I don't know if that's more my mind playing tricks on me or because I was hungry etc!

I'm really hoping that the two slight bleeds were more of an ov bleed, and then a little kind of impant bleed, or sometimes ladies have a little bleed when AF was meant to be due.

Hopefully AF doesn't show up in the next few days, and I'll do another test on Sunday and I get BFP!.

Just wanted to share as I'm going mad at work, and the waiting around is driving me keerraazzzyyyy!!!!!!!

Hope you're all okay,

Have a lovely weekend

X x x


  • Hi Purplebubbles. Sorry haven't got any advice just want to wish you lots of luck and hope the witch doesn't get you. Got my fingers crossed for you.
    x x
  • ahhh cheers hun. how you doing?

    Im just catching up with BE - so will repy to your thread in a sec.

    lots of love

    x x x
  • Fingers crossed for you purplebubbles

  • Hun, I could've written a simular post!!

    I'm due on today! CD32!
    Anyway we BD last night and when I looked at the 'desposit' sorry to be TMI. It had a slight tinge of pink. So I thought, hay thats it then, AF is bang on time! All set to ruin my birthday but hay!! I had a little cry then went to sleep. Today I wake up and NOTHING!! I've had nothing in my panty liner all day and I've lost count of how many times I've checked my cervix! I'm very confused to say the least!! I refuse to test now. I might do one 2muro if she still has'nt arrived by then. I do hope it was a we bit of implantation! Trying so hard not to get my hopes up though! When do you plan on testing again hun? x
  • Sorry just re read what you wrote. Yeah I think Sunday testing is a great idea. I would love to hold out til then but I'm not sure I can! Give me the strength to stay away from the tests!!
    I've also been feeling sicky and had weird stabby pains on one side, not like normal af pain. God I hate this!!!! Just wish I knew one way or the other!!!!! x x x
  • thank you Jacqui - ive got fingers toes and legs crossed at the moment! x

    sugar - omg how similar are our stories - I hope so much that its just a little implant bleed. I really really hope that you get a bfp for your bday pressie.

    Im thinking testing Sunday - but really I know I'll do a test tomorrow - but will try to hold off.

    fingers crossed for us both,

    have a lovely weekend, and a fab bday (hope your oh spoils you rotton)

    x x x
  • Keeping everything crossed for both of us hun. If I can hang on til Sunday, I will. I will wait if you wait, deal? lol! I'd much rather see af than a BFN tbh.
    Hope you have a great weekend too and the witch has been well and truely sent packing!!!! image
  • ok its a deal - I'll be on on sunday with hopefully a BFP update - and you will be too!!!!!!!

    x x x
  • Ok it's a date!! Sunday it is! Lets hope both AF's stay away! FX! x x x
  • Looking forward to seeing both your BFP annoucements on Sunday!!!!
  • Good luck both of you................. how exciting............ fingers crossed for a double BFP on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:\)
  • Thank u muffin and 3054 x x x

    Unfortunately af got me today.......booooooooo!! She must have been teasing me the last few days x

    Hope this isn't the case for u sugar x fingers crossed for u Hun x x x
  • So sorry to hear that hun. Boo to the witch!
    I'm still in the game. Af is really teasing me now!! I'm feeling very sicky and tired today, but also having cramps. Who know what is going on. I think I'll test on Monday now then. Will keep you posted x x x
  • Purplebubbles sorry to hear AF got you, im sending you lots of sticky baby dust for next month.

    Good luck Sugar 'n' spice, ive got my fingers crossed for you

  • Damn the witch, she found me this morning too! image x
  • awww!!! damn that AF!! sorry ladies!!
  • oh no, sorry she got you sugar - double booooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    roll on some xmas babas!!!!

    thanks for all of your support ladies (as usual u r fab!)

    hope everyone is okay, and lots of sticky baby dust for Dec babies to you all.

    x x x
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