FAO Pickle

Hey hun,

what's up, missed not chatting to you image xxx


  • Hey u, yay my first FAO!! Missed u too hunny, always keep an eye out for u, your BFP was done very discreetly, can understand why.
    Just feeling a bit down today for some reason, im tired and run down i think. In my 2WW and well, its bloody boring and long isnt it! How are you feeling? xxxx
  • Yep it's a bloody nightmare, why can't it be any shorter? :lol: Hows things with OH?

    Maybe your hormones are playing up, would be great if we could both get sticky beans together.

    I'm really happy that I'm pg, but bloddy sh!t scared that I'm going to have to go through a mc again, I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with it to be honest, but I'm trying to be positive.

  • Me and OH are doing well thanku for asking, gave it a really good go this month and he was happy to co-operate, he wants it more and more which is great. His sister is due in 4 weeks with her 2nd LO.
    Pregnancy is of course on my mind, and at least i know we're in with a good chance this month, roll on valentines weekend!

    I understand hun, the thought scares the hell out of me too. New pregnancy though sweet, its good you're being positive and it's all u can, great start though image xxx
  • Soo pleased that OH is more in to it, maybe your time is just around the corner sweetie. How you feeling about SIL being due in 4 weeks, does she make it difficult for you, if she does I'll go round and give her what for :lol: When's your AF due?

    Feeling much better today, even begining to believe it's happenning (well I didnlt have much choice when I had to say it out loud) I had a little cry which I think helped me put things in to perspective and now I'm trying to stay positive.

    Think I'm going to stick in here for a while tho

  • Due valentines weekend so a whole bloody week to go yet!! SIL is fab, she's so lovely. She doesnt know about my MC, none of OHs family do thats what he wanted and i respected that, they know we're trying though.

    Glad your feeling better today, just take one day at a time hun. Hows hubby feeling about it?? Hope he's taking good care of u! Have u made a doctors appt yet or anything? Hope u have a lovely relaxing weekend, u deserve it xxx
  • Oh fair enough then, but at least you get on well. Ooh valentines weekend, I've got everything crossed for you hun, are you ss or tryiong not to think about it?

    Hubby's OK although he doesn;t want to tell his mum and dad yet even though they were one of the first people we told last time, but like you I respect his decision. I made docs appt today for Monday and have my pot to ensure that I can give a FMU sample this time cos last time I didn't and so he didn't confim it. Not got much planned for the weekend, but thats the way I like it :lol: How about you

  • Not really SS, been so so tired and feeling under the weather but think im just a bit run down, work has been quite stressful recently. Been very bloated too and full of wind lol sorry but im not really associating it with anything, prob a bit early.
    Can understand hubbys decision, my OH is going to be even worse when we get another BFP, bless it must be really quite hard for the men really. Glad u have your docs appt sorted.
    Tomorrow i shall be working all day urgh and then sunday is usually a lazy day, bit of shopping maybe etc xxx
  • Ooh shopping, I LOVE it, don't think I'll be able to do that for a while seeing as I got my BFP right after I buy a new house so got to keep the pennies :lol:

    Really hoping your symptoms mean something, though I think you're doing the best thing to try not to put them together. Must admit, I'm full of wind too at the moment, poor hubby :lol:

  • Hehe at least u have an excuse!! Aww new house how exciting!! I'm being a right saddo at the mo, i'm watching Glee that i recorded ahh love it, makes me smile and i love the songs!

    Keep smiling to myself, you're pregnant hehe!! love it xxx
  • Ooh I've completely missed all of Glee and am gutted. I can't get sky+ where we live now, but it's the first thing that's going in when we move. as you can see I have my priorities straight :lol:

  • Oh of course!! I wasnt that bothered about it before we had it but now i wouldnt be without it!! xxx
  • She had the baby this morning!!!! My SIL i mean lol sorry im quite excited, 4 weeks early. A little boy, 6lbs! All is well, i cant wait to see him and have a cuddle.

    How are you hun?? Have a nice day?? xxx
  • oooh that's fab news, congratulations to you all! What did they call him? Bet you'll make a fab aunty image

    I'm good thanks hun, feeling much more optimisitic and believing that this bean IS sticky, I even started to get a little excited, eek!

  • Hehe so pleased, like i said, one day at a time image
    They called him Ned, i quite like it sounds really cute! 4 weeks early, knew he'd be early but not quite that early! Will be seeing him tomorrow and their other LO xxx
  • Aww that's a really sweet name, I like the not so common ones. Have fun with them today.

    Must admit I had a scare in the night with quite bad tummy ache - it woke me up 3 times and I had to check that I wasn't bleeing or anything - turned out I needed a number 2 and it must have been pushing on my uterus (or something like that) I'm going to find out what I can on google now

  • Dont google hun, u know its bad!! I'm sure all is ok, constipaion is very very common early on so try and drink plenty of fluids and eat your frui and veg etc etc, im sure u dont need to be told hehe! Hope u have a nice day today, not seeing them till 5pm ish now grrr so trying to keep busy cos im impatient!! xxx
  • 5ish, gosh it would kill me to wait that long :lol:

    I've googled a little, but nto looking at things about mc, more about uterus stretching etc, I had it again earlier but soon went, can't help but keep holding my tummy, but have to be careful who I'm with when I do it as don't want to give the name away.

    Yep, I'm drinking loads more already and am certainly going to the loo loads more too :lol: I've had a paar this morning, going to have some crumpets later and have grapes to munch on afterwards image

  • Yummy very healthy! Jeez theres lots of BFPs around at the mo, so jealous! image xxx
  • Hun I kow it doesn't mean much, but it really will be your turn soon, I'm holding you a seat in due in october with me image I can feel it in me waters :lol:

  • Hope so hunny, roll on next weekend at least then i'll know either way xxx
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