Hello everyone,
I got my BFP yesterday but wanted to wait until CBD confirmed it and this morning at 13dpo it came up as pregnant 2-3 Wooo hoooo!! image

Am really hoping that its third time lucky this year so please cross your fingers and toes for me!

Lots of Love


  • Hi Lottie

    That is fab news, I also got my BFP on CBD Monday as 1-2.

    Congrats and here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • Thank you, congrats to you too!
  • Ahhh that's fab!!! Congrats L&N, hope you have a VERY happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Yayyyy 2-3 weeks thats great hun got a strong one there.

    Im so happy for you but you know we will be stalking you in pg now dont you LOL xxxx
  • Congrats L&N. Look forward to seeing you in the July forum. xxx
  • That is fantastic news hunny
    you really deserve it
  • OMG!!!!

    YAY!!!!!! well done kate!! of course it will be third time super pleased for you!! but you are soooo naughty for testing early,lmao,i knew you couldnt hold out!!! huge hugs..........massive squeeze!!!((((((hugs)))))) xxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXX
  • Hiya,

    That is great news!! So pleased for you. Hope this one is super sticky!!

    Edie xxx
  • Many congratulatiosn L+N. You really derserve this BFP and I have everything crossed for you (quite uncomfortable!) x
  • Hi L&N

    Just gatecrashing to say CONGRATULATIONS!! image

    That is fantastic news and I really hope it will be third time lucky for you.

    Love NN xxx
  • Not been on for ages and then log on and see some fantastic news!
    Huge congrats hun - really happy for you!
    Will keep my fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky xxxx
  • Brilliant news L&N been keeping my eye out for you! A Julybean, wahooo

    Love Gecko 12+0 x
  • Woohoo!! Fantastic news hun!!! Congratulations!!! Everything crossed 4 u!! Whats ur EDD? Im the 18th July xx
  • yay 2-3 is fab when you only just got your bfp. loads of hCG helping bean settle in :\)
  • Congratulations L&N!!! I was so so happy to see this post, you so deserve a big sticky bean after all you've been through. I'm so happy for you and hubby.

    Lots of love x x
  • Thank you so much ladies, without sounding too soppy you have all been such a huge support this year and I think I would have gone mad were it not for this forum. I just can't wait until we can all hang out together in the pregnancy forum.

    Feel very emotional, veer from being really happy to really scared and have been distracting myself as much as possible - have now got two books on the go and two magazines waiting to keep my mind off it for a little while!
  • NO WAY!!!!! So happy for you, mega congratulations!!!!! x x x
  • Brilliant news look forward to seeing you in July forum

  • yeaaaa! congrats!! loads of luck and sticky heading your way! *hugs*
  • Congrats hun, I'm so pleased for you. You deserve this after the year you've
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