Fed Up!

Hi Girls

I'm so fed up and down at the moment. We have been trying for 17 months now, I had a MC in September and my due date would have 19th April. Waiting for AF to turn up (due today) and I know she is coming. Was really hoping to be pregnant by my due date but thats not going to happen now. I just hate seeing my DH's disappointed face every month, Its so upsetting - don't get me wrong he's really supportive and everything, he's my rock.

When I had my MC the nurse at the EPAU told me to go to docs in march if AFs were still irregular. I was having anything from 31-44 day long cycles. But touch wood they have been regular since MC and my longest has been 32days. Not sure if I should go to the Docs anyway or leave it until July when we would have been trying for a year since I conceived? Hope that makes sense!

Claire x


  • Hi Claire
    I had irregular cycles prior to my mmc in Jan and they ranged from 30-76 days! Since my mmc my cycles have been 30 days long so hoping they stay regular as at least it makes ov more predicable. I saw my GP last week as she had asked to see me 10 weeks after by ERPC so we could have a chat about ttc. She has told me to go back in June if I have not conceived and she will start the tests to refer us for fertility treatment. We had just been referred in Oct when I found out that after 13 months ttc that I was pg. Go to the docs and speak to her about it and see what she says. x
  • hey, chances are ur gp won't do anything til it's been a year but if it's worth going to have a chat to make u feel a bit better go for it! it's been almost 9 months since my mmc and i've had problems so my gp has been great but again fertility won't come into it until a few more months have passed. good luck xx
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