When should I test ? (if at all)

Hi ladies,

On Tuesday 22ND it will be 5 weeks since I started spotting for my mc, and 4 weeks since the f'ull flow'. I didn't use any OPK's so don't know if and when I may have ov (boy do I regret that now!) and so I really don't know when AF is due. BUT I do have pg symptoms, a lot like the ones I had when I got my BFP which I put in this post http://www.babyexpert.com/chatroom/topic/142510

I have the metallic taste, the emotions, sore (.)(.) but not as bad as last time, I also seem to be able to smell absolutley everything whihc is driving me mad!

I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it all tbh as it's somthing I want so much, but being in limbo is just driving me mad :evil:

How long do you think I should wait for AF before testing, or should I even bother at all?



  • Hi rainbow,
    I know how youre feeling hunni. 5 wks past thurs since my ERPC and 6 wks since found out id lost lo. Ive had no sign of AF and dont know if ive ov either. I lost all pregnancy symptoms almost instantly but still had a positive pregnancy tst 3 wks after. Done another at 4 wks and it was negative.Could have cried . I done another test on fri there and negative again. I must be mental testing all the time but with AF not appearing it got me thinking and you know what its like you just want to be pregnant again.! If it were me id test i just cant help myself.When i got negative result i just thought sod it and got my friends up and had a glass of wine. Thinking of you hunni and hope you get BFP real soon x x x
  • It's a tough one and everyone will only be guessing really hun. I would say if you are getting symptoms then maybe wait another week and do a test.

    Hope you get BFP hun, keep us posted xx
  • I agree with huni. I would wait for another week and then test. It will be torture to wait I know, but if it were me I think I would prefer that to constant testing and seeing a negative.
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