Well any news? If your wages were not in I have a test here you can have, the only thing is I live in Ireland :lol:

Oh I hope you will be on soon with your BFP announcement xxx


  • I've been wondering too, tell us tell us!!!xx
  • ahhhh ha ha lol....i still haven't! ...baby love you dont live in kerry by any chance!...wages will be in tomorrow ...

    I think AF is coming though...the cramps are kinda piercy...but are like only once every few hours for a couple of seconds...

    i think to be honest im not i dont feel like i am...
  • this is so addictive...!
  • No not in Kerry. Why you ask?
    I cant believe you have not tested yet. As I said before dont go by the "feeling" that af is coming cause its exactly the same. Untill you see the witch your in with a shot.

  • hi babylove...i ask bcoz im from kerry..lol

    i suppose your right but i keep telling myself im not...so maybe reverse psychology might work? no?

    anyway...i promise myself if i dont have it in the morning i will be heading off to the chemist on my lunch break..without fail.

  • Oooooo what time do you get home from work? I will be waiting :lol:

    Do you still live in Kerry? Im in the north just outside Newry.
  • do you think piercy cramps though are normal...my boobies are normal..no sicky feeling..no more tired than normal after work.....

    i am trying to be realistic as possible bcoz i dont want me thinking.."oh ya i kinda feel sore boobies if i squeeze them a little hard" you know making yourself think you have symptoms when infact you dont..

    Does that make sense?
  • I think all symptoms can be in your head or there every month but you just dont notice. My main symtom is usually hunger. All I know is af cramp are normal and lots of ladies who get their BFP still think af is on its way.
    Is your af usually on time? The tirdness etc I dont think comes for a while yet so dont worry about that.
  • on i do ya i am from tralee but i moved out the country a bit to a little village... i like the quiet..

    i am finished work at 5pm so i should get back on about 6pm or 6.30 once i have the dinner cooked for himself..lazy bugger! lol
  • well to be perfectly honest my usual cycle is 28-29days...last month my cycle did go to 35 days which was the longest ever...and now i am on day 38...so thats why i keep think sure i was late last month so im sure thats why i am this month too..

    Come to think of it i have been a bit stressed too...so thinking that is the reason....

    do you mind me asking have you any children and if so do you remember the kind of symptoms you had if you can remember...i know everybody is different but all the same...
  • He will have to learn to cook his own dinner for when your preggers and ready to pop.

    I will be on here tomorrow night so make sure you test ;\)
  • i will i promise!....well the deal is for the moment he walks the horse (Dog) and i cook the dinner...image

  • Make sure you do test tomorrow and tell us!!! I'm dying to know. I love to hear about BFP's, especially from this forum, makes it all the more exciting when we've been through what we have. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx
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