Is this a bit obsessive?

I have been looking at my old fertility friends to see when I conceived before to try and repeat it... do you think that's a bit mad or are you guys doing the same? I was so convinced I wasn't preg last time because we didn't BD when I had ov pains or when FF said I was ov by my temp and symptoms! I was using cheapy ov sticks as they came with the thermometer and we BD on the day I got +ve but I thought that meant you were about to ov? So it seems for me I need to BD before ov to conceive!!


  • i dont use FF but that is usually the case cus it means there are swimmets waiting! and it's all about the right environment for them to get there! in the right conditions they can live for days!!! xx
  • How annoying - I hadn't properly stopped bleeding after mc when I got ov pains and we were a bit naughty and did BD (it was only vague spotting by then tho) so it would've been too damn late grrrrr!
  • I agree with Rocky. Peak or +ve ov stick means you will release an egg within the nxt 36 hours or so, that's why they say you should bd throughout & not just on the peak day as you want to give the swimmers time to get were they need to be.

    The programme that everyone was talking about (the great sperm race, channel 4) that seems to get repeated alot is a great way to look at it if anyone who hasnt seen this & can get it on the net it's def worth a watch shows you just what those poor little guys are up against! xxx
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