Hello ladies!

Hi Ladies!

How are we all today? Sorry I've not been around much, firstly I needed a break from BE/TTC as I was going slightly nuts, secondly my hubby took me off to New York for Christmas as we had such a rubbish last half of the year this year. Soooooo, here I am feeling, sitting in my PJ's, all full of optimism for the New Year and thought I'd share some of it here image

Here's to lots and lots of BFP's and happy, healthy babies this time next year.....2010 is gonna be the year of the baby haha, I can feel it in my ovaries!

Hope everyone's well and had lovely Christmases, and are all revved up and ready to go in the new year xxxx


  • Hi HT

    That's lovely glad you had a nice time. Good to hear you full of PMA.

    I hadnt been on so much either but am trying to get on as have been struggling a bit.

    I think the feeling is mutual about roll on 2010 the year of the baby.

    Anyway good to have you back hun xxx
  • Hi hun, ooo what a lovely hubby you have!!! Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas and I agree, 2010 is going to the year of the baby image yayyyy xx
  • Hey Laujai,
    how're you feeling now lovely? I just read your updates, you're really going through the mill at the mo aren't you. I really do think you're due some luck and a big fat BFP that sticks. It'll happen this year, I'm sure of it!! xxx
  • Thanks Huni, WE WILL GET BFP'S!!!!!!!!!!!! XX
  • Thanks HT

    I think it has been extra hard of late as this time last year was when we found out at 12 wks scan with our 1st pg that baby had died, our scan was on 29th Dec & new years eve was when it all started. I remember nye us being at home an being in agony for days until I had to be admitted to hospital.

    It has been such a rough year for us all & I really pray that we are all blessed soon.

  • ooh HT haven't 'seen' you for aaaages. Hope NY was fab. tho having been both I prefer to visit in summer. I'm not a fan of the cold. and when we were there feb last year it was the biggest ice storm they'd had for years. Even the locals were complaining about the cold!!
  • Hey Gem, how's it going? How was your Xmas? I've not been on here for aaaaaaaaages, I needed a little break from it. It was pretty cold there last week, I love both extremeties of weather though, it's the crappy grey nonsense we get that I can't bear!

    Just as a side note, I'm hyper today, I got EWCM for the first time EVER last night/today, not sure if it's the metformin or the royal jelly, but something's working down there! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! (Just thought you all should know that he he)

    Have a lovely new years eve ladies xxx
  • LOL congrats on the ewcm.

    I'm fine thanx hun. xmas was really nice. had a big party xmas eve. xmas day with both our families as we all live really close so can get round both houses in the day. boxing day travelled to see more family. having a quiet one tonight as on call tomorrow morning.
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