20dpo, no sign of af and negative hpts

Hello all, it's ages since I posted, I try to keep away from babyexpert as it makes me obsessive but I'm at the end of my tether with my cycles this month! I hope nobody in here remembers me!

The title says it all really. I'm fairly sure I'm 20dpo (cd43) based on ewcm. I didn't get a smiley on CBD opks this month because I ran out of sticks and couldn't test on what I think was my peak day, but based on my cervix being *very* soft and a *lot* of ewcm, I'm sure I ov'ed on cd23 (which is later than all my cycles since miscarrying, when it's been cd18)

Did an frer this morning with FMU and negative. I've done other tests in the last few days and negative so I don't think the tests are broken.

Is there anything that could cause a long luteal phase? I thought that irregular periods were usually down to the time taken to ovulate, not the luteal phase. My cycles were very irregular before we conceived last year but the mc (at 10 weeks) seemed to kick them into touch, and even when they were irregular it was the first part of my cycle that was all over the place. My LP Stayed regular at 14/15 days. 20 days seems to be taking the mickey a bit.

Some advice would be much appreciated! x


  • Hi Beccaroo

    Of course we remember you! Some of us have been here for far too long!!! Welcome back image

    I don't have as long cycles as you do, generally only 25-26 days, but my LP varies between 11-15 days which as a proportion of 25-26 days is quite a lot of variation so I wouldn't be unduly worried. Does keep us guessing though, eh?!

    Maybe, just maybe, it's good news for you this time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a shy bean xxx
  • Thanks LJ. I don't think I''m pg, have no symptoms and I have the tell tale very greasy hair which suggests that the witch is on her way.

    It's just so frustrating how I have no idea what's going on with my body sometimes! x
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