cud it be???

ok so to fill u in.

been ttc since sep fell pg in nov had mc at 4ks. carried on trying after mc before af, had af 26 dec tic 1 jan which was horrendous!!! anyway now i am getting waves of sickness but belly is rumbiling wiv hunger??? so i am wondering if i cud of fell pg b4 af?? pls bear in mind my mum had ALL her af's when pg.

sooooo confused pls help!! xx


  • Hi Princessbala,
    I suppose it's possible as some people do have af through pg, but if I'd had heavy af I don't know if I would think it possible, however like you say your mum had all afs so could be different for you?
    Sorry not really helping am I!!!
    If it was me I would test to be sure to put my mind at rest!
    nettie X
  • I'm 4+5 and starving all day long. have you tested? coz if you're pg from before 'AF' should be positive by now
  • it could be possible that your pregnant, if you can wait a few weeks (i know it's hard) then hopefully you will get the positive test. lots of luck hunny.xx
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