Everywhere I look at the moment...

there is pregnant women!!!!! I have three pregnant women in my department at work and everywhere I go they seem to be jumping out at me! Went to IKEA tonight for a few things and although it was empty all the other couples seemed to be expecting and then on the way home I drove past a massive Boots lorry that had a pregnant stomach on it with baby on board written on it! AAARRRGGGHHHHH


  • i know what you mean hun!
    my 1st day back at work after my ERPC was horrible! i dont think id ever seen so many pregnant women come in! everywhere i went there were bumps and children! it was really frustrating but your day will come!! hopefuly soon image chin up xx
  • Totally understand.
    4 of my friends are pg and because i work at Butlins there are loads of pg women and new born babies all the time!!

    We'll all soon be pg like them xx
  • Yeah I see them everywhere and they are so obvious. Everytime I see them I am jaleous, although the longer after my mmc the better I am dealing with them. I really hope we all get our bfp soon.
  • I completely understand how you feel.
    I was walking around sainsburys the other week and was that stressed about wanting a baby and OH saying not this month that when a few preg women walked past me my eyes started to water then the last straw was seeing a new born baby and i started crying lol.
    Rather silly of me i know but its hard!!!

    Baby dust to all you ladiesss
    xx emma xx
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