We booked a holiday

Me and my Husband have just booked a lovely holiday. We just thought we have had the worst week ever and thought a lovely ten nights in the sun would be just the treat to relax and try and put this awful event behind us.

We got a good deal on a 10 night all inclusive 5* in Lanzarote at the end of April...... cant wait now. I am hoping to be pregnant before we go.... but if not im sure we will be very busy baby making whilst away.

Just wanted to share a little good news.8\)


  • Sounds lovely hun, you certainly deserve a break xx
  • Sounds super!! We are looking at going to Cyprus in the Easter hols!! I see a baby boom in the horizon...............!!!
  • Fantatstic hun image We did a very similar thing and booked New York as we figured we wouldn't be able to do it once we do have children and blew some of our savings for a new house on it. Then low and behold, we sold my flat and brought a new house, and now I'm pg again so just goes to show, sods law really is there image Hope it has the same effect for you

  • Good for you! We booked a holiday too a while back and are going week after next - it won't be warm though cos we are going to the Lakes!!
  • Thats nice hun, you enjoy your self you deserve it xx
  • That's a great idea, sounds lovely!

    We're going away too, but staying closer to home as we're in the middle of moving (fingers crossed!).

  • aww thats great!!
    i do think about booking a nice hol in the sun but then i think if i do get preg early, i might want to spend the money on the baby instead!!
    but now uve made me think about changing my mind, a week in the sun sounds sooo great, im excited for you! lol.
  • Brilliant idea!

    My knee-jerk reaction to our miscarriage was to book a few nights in Dubai- it's really given us something to focus on!

    Enjoy the sunshine xx
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